Most Awsomest Set Ever!

Since I have a total of 0 readers so far and not a whole lot to read, I want to know what your perfect set of baseball cards would include.

What kind of parallels would you include, would the cards be chrome and shiny, or more traditional stock, what would the odds of an auto be and what caliber of player would they be.  How big would the set be and what kind of subsets would you include.

If I could put a custom set together The first thing I would want is a respectable selling price!  I would want the best looking base cards I could have.  Make the people want to put the set together, not throw them away after the get the hits.  I would use the same stock as the UD Baseball Heroes set, they just feel so good when you’re looking through them.  Instead of different colored parallels I would use different photos.  Kind of like the 08 Topps Favre cards.  You could put a base of Big Z and a parallel of him with a photo after his no-hitter or Griffey hitting his 600th.   I love pulling autos and GU but I hate it when it’s a  Johnny Estrada, or a Ronny Paulino type.  Why can’t we pull a Triple Threads quality hit out of a $2.00 pack?  Don’t guarantee one per box, but shit, just give me the chance.

I could keep going on and on, but I really want to here what you would do.  Let me know and maybe the Big Guys will listen and give us the most awsomest set ever!

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  1. Greg A.

    My ultimate set would come in boxes for less than $50 (and $10 retail to fill in later), with more than one auto/jersey per box of the top one or two guys on each team. If he didn’t lead the league in something, he doesn’t get a auto/GU. The base set would be a killer design and the checklist would be everyone who was on a roster for a significant time. Team cards would show the stadium or mascot instead of a team photo. There would only be one rookie card per team, maybe a multi-head one like in the ’80s. (Not into no-name rookies, so they wouldn’t take over my set kinda like the opposite of Bowman). And there would only be a couple short prints, and even they wouldn’t be that short.
    I like the alternate picture parallel idea. Other parallels or inserts I would like to see would be all the award winners from the past season (Cy Youngs, ROYs, Gold Gloves, etc.) There would be manager cards as well as some coaches, maybe dual photos of former players who are coaches now. Another insert subset could depict any no-hitters thrown, or guys who hit for the cycle.
    I’m not sure what the Heroes feel like, but I would use something like Topps Heritage, but not as thick. Chrome is OK sometimes, but I like the retro feel of the normal stuff. Unless you’re talking clear plastic like EX Century, but that would be better for inserts.

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