StubHub Is EVIL

Stubhub is evil and Ticketmaster are crooks.  I’ll start with Stubhub.  How long will MLB work alongside Stubhub before they realise they are the ones losing revenue.  It’s already happened at the new Yankee Stadium.  Ticket prices will sore over the next few years to the point the average fan will not be able to afford it.  I know everything is expensive nowadays, but we the consumers are setting the price by buying tickets at ridiculous prices.  Eventually we will be paying that for face!

My next gripe is with Ticketmaster.  These rat bastards are even worse than Stubhub.  Last weekend I tried to score four tickets for my wife and her friends to go see AC/DC.  To start with you could spend $40 to become a fan club member and obtain a password for a chance to get tickets before they went live.  I passed.  They go on sale at 10 am and I got the old PC all fired up and ready to go around 9:50 in the am.  They go on sale and immediately I ask for four tickets at the best available location.  Apparently all tickets are $89.50, which is already highway robbery if you ask me.  So now I try to figure out what the hell the squiggly word is in the magic box.  It was shovel. I went to a virtual line and I was seven minutes back.  In reality it was only about one minute.  I don’t know the conversion for time between reality and virtual reality, but it’s wicked.  Any ways I get told only single tickets were the only thing still available.  Just under that it says visit our sister site Tickets Now for tickets on the secondary market.  So sure I check it out.  Now all tickets are $219 or more WTF.  In a matter of minutes tickets went up $130 before I even had a chance to get any.  Now the show is in Chicago and people were selling tickets from all over the damn place, even Canada.  I just wonder how much MLB and Ticketmaster are pulling in off these secondary markets?  Bad for us Good for them.

With this all said, we got four for AC/DC off E-bay for $17 over face, not horrible.  And my beloved Cubbies made the playoffs so I’m going to try like hell not to donate to Stubhub.

I also want to congratulate the Brewers and their fans for making the playoffs for the first time  in 26 years.  I’d love to see a good interstate series between rivals in the playoffs.  It could only be topped with a cross town series to decide it all.  Also a big thanks to Mario for the mention over at Wax Heaven.  I’ll keep my eyes open in the midwest for any Andrew Millers you need.


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2 responses to “StubHub Is EVIL

  1. Mike

    I think you have it wrong, MLB is the one that is evil. They are the ones that are holding tickets back and then selling them on StubHub for higher prices. They earn a hefty premium on the amount over face value. So when you think that game is sold out or you get really ticked off because you can never get into the system to obtain your tickets for a high demand event, there is a reason for that. I have been watching the Yankees-Rangers tickets very closely, because I have a pair in one of the worst sections that I intend to sell and suddenly 80 tickets will get released at prices anyone else would lose on Stubhub. Clearly this is MLB selling the tickets through Stubhub for a higher price plus the Stub Hub inconvenience fees on top of that. This is an absolute joke and they should be exposed for it. I’m sure it is legal, but highly unethical.

  2. chris

    Here is a good example I went to buy 4 nfl tickets the day that they came on sale through ticketmaster which at the time tickets were to go on sale to the general public you could only buy 1 ticket since single seats were the only ones available at the time they came on sale yet secondary outlets like stubhub and tickets now already had tickets before they even went on sale of course these tickets were anywhere from 3 times faces value and up. Any major sporting event companies like stubhub have been breaking local and state scalping laws where applied and make a substantial profit for example in the city of denver where it is illegal to scalp a ticket for any more than 4% more than face value of a ticket if you want to stop secondary ticket companies then do not purchase your tickets from sites such as stub hub

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