Upper Deck Baseball Heroes

I haven’t bought much for cards lately.  I guess it’s because I’ve got most of what I wanted out of the sets so far this year.   The hobby shop around here is run by a crook so that limits me to the Wally-World selection.  They have the baseball heroes for $1.97 a pack or a nine pack blaster for $14.95.  I did the math and opted for the blaster.  I didn’t do to bad.  I got four Cubs including the two black parallels in the scans.  I also got a Zambrano but I think maybe one of the kids got a hold of it because it’s nowhere to be found.  There is a GU of Chris Carpenter.  It’s a boring plain grey and it’s a Cardinal so it is going to be used for trade bait.  I also got my first DiMaggio card in my collection and it’s a blue parallel #’d to 199.  Then he decided to show up again with three of his friends on a nice quad card, including one of the greatest of all time, Roberto Clemente.  The blaster included a handful of old timers too, Boggs, Yount, Mattingly, Gibson, and Kaline.

All in all not to bad, I’m even thinking about trying to complete this set considering its only got 200 cards.


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3 responses to “Upper Deck Baseball Heroes

  1. Congrats on the hit. I opened two blasters and got nothing!

  2. chemgod

    Good luck, I have bought 3 blasters and I’m only at 100 cards, but I do have quite a few doubles if you want to trade.

  3. Yeah, I’ve gotten dups in the same pack. But with only 200 cards what do you expect?

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