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Happy Halloween!

I had a party and this guy showed up as Wally Moon dressed up as Dracula!  This odd looking specimen goes by the name of Ken L. Hunt, or the obvious joke,   K. Hunt.  I did a few searches on this guy and all I could find was his wikipedia page. It had almost nothing on it except for this…….

This was after I decided to make him my Halloween post.  Scary huh?  Maybe tonite I will be visited by the ghost of K. Hunt,  I can only hope.

Anyways Happy Halloween and remember to make sure your Snickers are razor free.

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Screw Candy, I Got Cards

101 to be exact.  I won this little lot on the-bay for a measly $40.  I haven’t even looked all the way though it yet, but I have found a few that I have been looking forward to getting.  Some are in good condition, others look like they were found in a mud puddle.  What do you expect for 46 year old baseball cards.  I’m gonna go through these and put them in top loaders tonite I’ll be posting them two at a time I think.  So be looking forward to a whole lot of wood grain goodness in the near future!

I’m also supposed to be picking up a few at the card show Sunday.  I won a little over $100 on the World Series so that will go towards cards at the show too, I can’t wait.  I’m also headed to a Beastie Boys concert Sunday.  A baseball card show and a Beastie Boys concert, it’s like 1987 all over again.

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Worst Card In My Collection Part 2

I’m going to go ahead and crown Mr. Ken Phelps and his 1987 Donruss card the winner of round 1.  I think it is deservedly so.  I have the next three challengers ready and the winner of this round will go onto fight Ken Phelps for the title of Worst Card In My Collection.  With out delay here are the challengers……

The first card is a fine example of the All Sport Plus brand.  It’s a ’97 ASP Matt Drews.  At first glance you would not even know this was a baseball card.  Is this a Major League pitcher or just some dude watching a little league game, you decide.

It’s Score.  It’s Kevin Maas.  Need I say more?

Any Lee Tunnell card from the mid ’80’s is a contender for this title.  I picked his ’86 Topps card because not only does he look goofy as hell, but by looking at his glove his nickname was BLT.  Now that’s intimidation!

Again, the winner of this round will go up against Ken Phelp’s ’87 Donruss card sometime next week.   No one has answered the question from round one yet, so you still have a chance of winning the losing 5 and an original sketch card of the winner as drawn by my 4 yr old daughter.  I’ve seen some of the sketch cards coming from Topps and I think she can do as well if not better than some of their artists.  So go ahead and vote,  I’ll wait till next week to end this round so vote early and vote often.


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Upper Deck Masterpieces

While wandering through Shop-Ko this morning I noticed they had a sale on all $2o blasters for $15.  They also had the first blasters of Masterpieces I’ve seen in town.  I’ve liked what I’ve seen so far of them and I really wanted the Ryno card.  I decided to double down and buy two blasters.  Here are some of the highlights of what I got.  The art on these cards for the most part is incredible.  I love how they show shots of specific accomplishments and iconic moments in baseball history.  I was happy to pull the Mauer GU card, I think this guy should get more credit than what he has gotten.  I guess that is what you get for playing in Minnesota.  I also pulled the Ryno card I was looking for, everything after that was icing on the cake.

This is another one of my favorites from the set.  I’m not a big fan of the Tigers or Verlander but I have a small collection of no-hit cards from years past.  The view of the scoreboard in this card is awesome.  I like how it shows the lineup of the Brewers and tells the story with out spelling it out on the front of the card.  It is the nicest card highlighting a no-hitter that I’ve ever seen.  The only questionable card I came across was this one.

Here’s what it would look like if he was traded to the Yankees.

Overall I think this one of the best sets out there.  I plan on building a set so if any one has extras I’ll post a want list soon.  I think these will look great in a binder!

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Bootlegs And Errors

These are real.  I swear!!

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One Brow, Two Moons

I’m not quite sure for the reason Mr. Moon has two cards in the ’62 set.  The backs are identical but the front has a cap version and a no cap version.  My theory is that someone at Topps took a look at the no cap version and decided they could at least find a picture further away so the magnitude of his eyebrow wouldn’t frighten small children.  If you just glance at the cap version it looks like he was wearing flip down shades.  I don’t know when they first came out but I’m sure it was after ’62.  I know there are other cards with variations in the set but I have not been able to find out why.  If anyone knows why I’d be interested to find out.  These two beauties book at $8 for the no cap and $30 for the cap version. I got the two for 99 cents plus $3.50 for shipping.  I would say it was one of my better buys off the bay.

Unibrow aside Wally Moon was a great player.  He finished the 1961 season with a .328 avg.  He batted left handed and threw right handed.  He was voted ROY in 1954 over the likes of Ernie Banks and Hank Aaron.  In 1960 he won a gold glove and was voted to the all star team in 1957 and again in 1959.  He started his career with the Cardinals in 1954 and was traded to the Dodgers in 1959.  This seems to be a recurring theme so far with this set.  He even hit a home run in his first at bat, guess who it was against, of course the Cubs.  He won two World Championships with the Dodgers.  He went on to coach baseball at John Brown University and later managed and went on to own the San Antonio Dodgers.  As far as baseball lives go, I don’t think you could of done more than Wally Moon.  He could of done something about that eyebrow though!

20/598  Total Real World Value:  $29.95   Total Book Value:  $188

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I’ve Got Mail!

Earlier this month I sent Mr. Ross of Boxbusters a get better soon package.  Yesterday I received a nice little package in return from Mr. Ross.  This works out great because I was able to turn a pile of Cardinals cards into Cubs cards magically through the mail.  What a great world we live in!  The highlight of the trade has to be a 1994 UD Denny’s Ryno hologram card.  I know it may not book very high,but it is one of my new favorites.  I always liked hologram cards and I was never able to go to Denny’s when these came out so it is cool to be able to get one without having to scour Ebay for it.

The other highlight of the trade is a 1988 Mark Grace Donruss RC.  I know I have a pile of these, but they are trapped in the back of a storage shed waiting to be dug out.  The problem is it is not my shed and everything in front of my old cards is not mine and when I say buried I mean BURIED!  The condition of this card is what I would call “well loved”.  To get a well loved Cubs card from a Cardinals fan is priceless.

The rest of the cards all come from various UD products from this year.  I mostly collect Topps so there was a need for most of these including a Carlos Zambrano UD Heroes card one of my kids ran off with a couple of weeks ago.  Neither will admit to it but I got a feeling I’ll find it someday under one of their beds.

Thanks again goes to Mr. Ross of Boxbusters.  I’ll have another package for you once my Cardinals pile is replenished.

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