C’mon Already!!

I found this interesting little tidbit at Topps.com today.  If you’ve always dreamed of owning a Gov. Palin card your dreams may come true.  These beauties will be inserted in the 2008 Topps Highlights & Update packs.  You can either find this Alaskan beauty queen card or the other version with a picture of what she looks like today.  I’m still trying to figure out why I go to buy a pack of baseball cards, and instead of getting a future HOF or a young stud rookie, I get a politician.  Does this annoy anyone else?  I can see the reason behind all the inserts in the Allen & Ginter set, but this is a Topps baseball card set.  If people want political cards, release a set of cards picturing the Senate and Congress.  I can guarentee if I pull this card It will end up on E-bay before I open the next pack!!  The sad thing is this card will fetch more money than any other card in the release.  I still can’t believe this lady has a chance at being the VP and a damn good chance of being promoted to President.  Let’s face it, McCain is reaching his expiration date.  If this happens I bet this card will skyrocket.  On second thought maybe I will hold on to it for a while if I do pull it.


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