2 More Down

To get over my Cubbie Blues on Sunday I went to the local card show.  It isn’t much of a show but you have to respect the effort.  There’s usually five or six guys with a few tables a piece.  It fills the void of not having a honest card shop in town.  If your ever in town on the first Sunday of the month, I encourage you to find our abandoned mall and visit the card show.  I showed up kind of late and noticed one guy with a quite a bit of vintage cards.  He was packing up when I hit him up for some ’62 Topps.  He picked these two out of a pile and quoted me Beckett prices.  I gave him a funny look and offered him $5 for the two and he accepted.  He said he had a bunch more but they were packed away.  I told him to get them ready for next time, so in about a month I might have some more goodies coming my way.  I just hope he doesn’t expect Beckett prices.

Of course they would have to be a Dodger and a Cardinal.  It’s like he was rubbing my nose in it.  You can’t knock these guys for who they played and managed for though.  Both of them deserve some respect.

Walt Alston is the most accomplished manager in Dodgers history.  He lead them to seven National League pennants and Brooklyn’s only World Series Championship.  He also played one major league game with, You guessed it, the Cardinals.  He went 0 for 1 with a strike out and had an error out of two fielding chances.  Good thing he was better at managing.

Ken Boyer played 3B for the Cards.  He was damn good too!  He ranks third in Cardinal history for home runs behind Stan the Man and Albert Pooh-Holez.  He ended his career with 282 home runs and a .287 batting average.  Oh yeah, he ended his career with, you guessed it, the Dodgers.  What luck?

18/598   Real  World Value:  $25.46    Book Value:  $150


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