2004 Fleer InScribed

So yesterday I got stuck making a run to Shop-Ko and on my way by the card section I noticed they had three boxes of bargain packs.  They were all from 2003 through 2005, and since I bought exactly 0 packs during those years I decided to pick up a few.  Out of the 5 packs 4 were garbage.  This pack being the lone exception.  I think this design is one of the best looking designs I’ve ever seen.  The color photo really stands out against the black and white background.  The silver foil shines against the white border.  The best part of the set is the photography, simple close up shots of the players in full action doing what they do best.  I didn’t get any pitchers in this pack, but the shots of the pitchers are second to none.  For some reason the book value of this set is incredibly low, even the autographs are low valued.  I’m hoping I can find a hobby box for a good price and maybe put a set together that would look great in a binder.  Hopefully I could score an autograph or two.  If anybody has the Kerry Wood card out there I know somebody that will hook you up for a forty cent card.

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  1. Those are some really nice looking cards. It’s a shame they’re so low valued but that’s Fleer for ya. They always get low balled as being really cheap cards.

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