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The Shit Has Arrived! And Man, Is It Shit!

I won’t blame Mario at Wax Heaven for this, but I won’t thank him either!  A while back he wrote a post about an auction of 24 packs of All Sport Plus.  He even posted a nice little video of the upstanding gentlemen of Shop At Home giving a very effective sales pitch.  I was warned but I decided to bid on it any ways.  24 packs for $10, not bad right.  Wrong.  When I bid on these I was under the impression they were semi-stars from all sports and brands repacked and sold on Shop At Home, again I was wrong.  These are the brand.  I did manage to pull one of the vintage cards they spoke so highly of and it wasn’t half bad.  It wasn’t half good though either.  It’s a Derek Jeter GCL Yankees Classic Best Card.  It books for $10 but I bet it wouldn’t sell for a nickle.

I guess I could of done worse.  I could of got 24 packs full of these.

Or worse yet, these…..

Or quite possibly the worst example of baseball cards ever produced….

I hope there was some communication problem on which picture should be on the front and which one should be on the back because the front of these cards suck!  On the other hand, the backs have a couple of snazzy action photos.

Matt Drews was a can’t miss pick by the Yankees who was later traded to the Tigers for Cecil Fielder.  He has a special society dedicated to him.  It’s dedicated to letting the Tigers organization know how much their fans think they suck!  You can check it out here.

Hidalgo didn’t turn out as bad as his card did.  He ended his career with 171 home runs and a .269 BA.  He was also shot in his left arm in 2002 during a carjacking in Venezuela.

Overall these cards are shit.  I got to wondering if anyone has ever attempted to build a complete set of this shit.  There can’t be too many in existence.  I think the whole set is 200 cards and I think I’m half way there.  I might try to complete it and auction it off for some kind of charity or something.  Who wouldn’t want the worst set in wax history.  Seriously, this set makes ’88 Score look like Topps Triple Threads.  The best part of these packs are the wrappers, if you look carefully on the back they claim even the wrappers are collectible.  If anyone out there needs 24 more for their collection, I’m selling!

If there are any player collecters that need this set for their collection let me know.  I think I have doubles of all the cards I got.  I would be happy to trade them away!

If you like nice design with great photos of big name players this set is not for you, but if you like getting kicked in the nuts with steel toed boots, then rush out to find some packs of this stuff because this one’s for you!!


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