Contest, Polls, And Prizes

It seems like every blog I visit is having a contest, taking a poll, or giving away prizes. So I decided to do all three.  I was thinking of what the worst card in my collection is and I came to the conclusion that I own way more than one.  I want some sort of definitive answer to this question.  What I’ve done is went through some of my boxes and picked a few cards that are less than desirable.  They are all bad for their own reasons but I want to put them head to head and see which one really is the worst.  I’m going to post the first six in two groups of three.  Those winners, if you will, will go head to head.  That card will be crowned Worst Card In My Collection.  I will dedicate a page to the title holder, there his card will be showcased and random facts about this person will remain until six more will go toe to toe and a new challenger is born.  You will decide the winners, and by “you” I mean all four of you.  That estimate may even be too high!  After the showdown I will post a question.  The first to answer this question correctly will receive the 5 runner ups and my 4 yr old daughter’s interpretation of the Worst Card In My Collection.  That’s right, 5 horrible cards and an original piece of art.

Here are the first three…..

This is a nominee simply because this guy looks goofy as hell.  It’s also the stereotypical ’80’s card.  Let’s see,    rockin’ mustache……Check,     beer league softball uniforms…….Check,     funny glasses……..Check,    and last but not least,  worth less than a penny………Absolutely.  I think we found Screech’s Dad!!

OK, I understand it is Mr. Hill’s Rookie Card but before you make the bigs you should know how to bunt right?  And why is he shown bunting, this is the guy who hit a ball out of Wrigley and onto the rooftop across the street.

Taylor looks like he enjoys being assaulted by the team mascot.  He just shrugs his shoulders and takes it like a man.  You go Taylor!!

There are the first three.  I’ll post the next three tomorrow.

As for the question, All you have to do is tell me what these current and former major league players have in common.

Elijah Dukes

Jeremy Giambi

Fergie Jenkins

Mark Corey

The first to answer correctly in the comments wins the five runner ups and an original piece of art,  I’ll even have the artwork signed and numbered for authenticity.  How’s that for ya?


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2 responses to “Contest, Polls, And Prizes

  1. I was going to say they’ve all been in trouble with the law but I don’t think Mark Corey’s ever been in trouble. I gotta know the answer… you have to tell us!

  2. You’re close, damn close.

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