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One Brow, Two Moons

I’m not quite sure for the reason Mr. Moon has two cards in the ’62 set.  The backs are identical but the front has a cap version and a no cap version.  My theory is that someone at Topps took a look at the no cap version and decided they could at least find a picture further away so the magnitude of his eyebrow wouldn’t frighten small children.  If you just glance at the cap version it looks like he was wearing flip down shades.  I don’t know when they first came out but I’m sure it was after ’62.  I know there are other cards with variations in the set but I have not been able to find out why.  If anyone knows why I’d be interested to find out.  These two beauties book at $8 for the no cap and $30 for the cap version. I got the two for 99 cents plus $3.50 for shipping.  I would say it was one of my better buys off the bay.

Unibrow aside Wally Moon was a great player.  He finished the 1961 season with a .328 avg.  He batted left handed and threw right handed.  He was voted ROY in 1954 over the likes of Ernie Banks and Hank Aaron.  In 1960 he won a gold glove and was voted to the all star team in 1957 and again in 1959.  He started his career with the Cardinals in 1954 and was traded to the Dodgers in 1959.  This seems to be a recurring theme so far with this set.  He even hit a home run in his first at bat, guess who it was against, of course the Cubs.  He won two World Championships with the Dodgers.  He went on to coach baseball at John Brown University and later managed and went on to own the San Antonio Dodgers.  As far as baseball lives go, I don’t think you could of done more than Wally Moon.  He could of done something about that eyebrow though!

20/598  Total Real World Value:  $29.95   Total Book Value:  $188

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