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Worst Card In My Collection Part 2

I’m going to go ahead and crown Mr. Ken Phelps and his 1987 Donruss card the winner of round 1.  I think it is deservedly so.  I have the next three challengers ready and the winner of this round will go onto fight Ken Phelps for the title of Worst Card In My Collection.  With out delay here are the challengers……

The first card is a fine example of the All Sport Plus brand.  It’s a ’97 ASP Matt Drews.  At first glance you would not even know this was a baseball card.  Is this a Major League pitcher or just some dude watching a little league game, you decide.

It’s Score.  It’s Kevin Maas.  Need I say more?

Any Lee Tunnell card from the mid ’80’s is a contender for this title.  I picked his ’86 Topps card because not only does he look goofy as hell, but by looking at his glove his nickname was BLT.  Now that’s intimidation!

Again, the winner of this round will go up against Ken Phelp’s ’87 Donruss card sometime next week.   No one has answered the question from round one yet, so you still have a chance of winning the losing 5 and an original sketch card of the winner as drawn by my 4 yr old daughter.  I’ve seen some of the sketch cards coming from Topps and I think she can do as well if not better than some of their artists.  So go ahead and vote,  I’ll wait till next week to end this round so vote early and vote often.


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