Screw Candy, I Got Cards

101 to be exact.  I won this little lot on the-bay for a measly $40.  I haven’t even looked all the way though it yet, but I have found a few that I have been looking forward to getting.  Some are in good condition, others look like they were found in a mud puddle.  What do you expect for 46 year old baseball cards.  I’m gonna go through these and put them in top loaders tonite I’ll be posting them two at a time I think.  So be looking forward to a whole lot of wood grain goodness in the near future!

I’m also supposed to be picking up a few at the card show Sunday.  I won a little over $100 on the World Series so that will go towards cards at the show too, I can’t wait.  I’m also headed to a Beastie Boys concert Sunday.  A baseball card show and a Beastie Boys concert, it’s like 1987 all over again.

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