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Best 5 Man Rotation Ever?

The rumors are hot again about the Cubs landing Jake Peavy.  This time it involves a three way deal with the Orioles.  It works like this, Pie to Baltimore for left handed starting pitcher Garrett Olson.  The Cubs then use him to sweeten the pot for the Padres.  If this were to happen, would the ’09 Cubs have the best 5 man rotation ever?


I’m sure teams have had a stronger one, two punch but I can’t remember a stronger 5 man rotation.  If someone gets a little wore down we could still have Marquis to plug in for some rest.  Even with this Formidable Five, the little evil tiny voice of reason is screaming “It’s the Cubs, they will find a way to screw this up too!”


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Giving Thanks

The first big thanks goes out to Matt from H.B.C.O.S.G. I helped him get closer to the end of the ’08 Topps and he sent me a package of top notch Cubs cards in return.  When I say top notch, I mean it.  It was full of Graces, Dawsons, a Palmeiro Rookie, and a slew of Sandbergs I needed.  It’s awsome when you can turn a pile of ’08 Topps dups into pure gold goodness of Cubs Cards.  Thanks Matt!


Second thanks goes to Steve from White Sox Cards.  About a week ago I made a call for some Scott Radinsky cards.  Steve answered in a big way.  All in all I think there was about 16 different cards he sent.  He has single handedly started my Radinsky collection.  Thanks Steve, even if you are a Sox fan!


Last but not least, a big thanks goes to Jeffrey over at Card Junkie.  He added a 1990 Bowman Radinsky RC to my new collection.  I have yet to send him anything in return but I promise I’m working on it.  He loves buying boxes of late ’80s early ’90s wax,  both of which I have, but are buried in the storage shed.  I hope he continues to buy this stuff because I think we can work out some trades in the future!  Thanks Jeffrey!



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It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

When Stadium Club debuted it had the some of the best photography the hobby had ever seen.  So why is it when it makes it ‘s comeback Topps is regurgitating the same lame photos from their base set?  The rookies all have variations with different photos on the front which I thought was a pretty cool idea, at least it’s better than a different colored border.  If they are going to put that effort towards the rookie cards why can’t we get some new photos?  I understand in the ’50s and ’60s Topps would use the same photos for different years sets.  This is acceptable due to the technology for the day, but today we have digital photos that can be sent across the world within seconds of the photo being taken.  Do the Topps photographers need bigger memory cards?  Are they still using 35mm film?  Do they only have one photographer?

When your business is selling cardboard with photos on them you should at least put some effort into the photography.  I really want to like this set but I can’t justify spending the cash for cards that are the same as their plain old Topps set.  Why is it I can get blown away with some of the photography in SI and ESPN but Topps and Upper Deck, whose sole product is photos, can’t take a better picture than a casual fan?  The Jason Nix photo isn’t even in a regular game, two cards, same photo, and it’s during a spring training game.  I wonder why people aren’t lined up outside hobby shops to buy this product.  In Ryan Howards case, what’s the sense of an insert card if it’s the same damn picture as the base card.  You can’t tell me that is the only picture of Howard Topps has.  He’s their spokesperson but they can’t come up with a new picture for his insert card?  I have three example here of the laziness that Topps is.  I stumbled upon these three so I’m sure there are more examples of this.  If these companies are going to release 17 sets a year they should at least have 17 different photos.


On a side note I bought my second blaster from Wal-Mart last night and it was as free as the last one.  I believe the crease in the seal gets in the way of the UPC.  I feel dirty taking free cards from Wal-Mart but when I get the same shit I bought earlier in the year it makes me feel a little better.  In the second blaster all the first day issue cards have excess foil across the middle of the card.


I would consider sending these in for replacements but I would feel even worse for getting them for free.

On the lighter side of things, my 4yr old daughter made a couple sketch cards.  I promised her I would put them on the computer so here they are.  She told me she would except trades.


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What’s Up With This?


I picked up my first blaster of Stadium Club this morning and the best part is that it was free!  I picked up a few groceries, two packs of Masterpieces, a binder for some cards I have lying around, and a blaster.  I somehow made it through the checkouts with only owing twenty one dollars.  I had my 3yr old with me so I didn’t really pay attention to the total till about half way home.  Then it hit me, twenty dollars?  I checked the receipt and sure enough I got a free blaster.  Now I’m sure there is a few people out there who might say “How could you, that’s stealing!”  I can justify this by telling you I had an unruly 3yr old, it was 18 damn degrees outside, and it’s Wal-Mart, they have enough money as it is.

So after busting my little booty I notice these four cards.  Can anyone explain to me why Luke “Russ Troll” Hochevar and Joey Votto have two different versions of cards.  I thought that maybe the 1st day issue was diferent than the other, but I noticed on Ebay both versions have a 1st day issue stamp.  The backs of these are identical but the fronts are very different.  How many cards have more than one front?  Are these parallels, and if so which one is the parallel?

Well I just did some investigating and I guess these are being called variations.  It seems most of the rookies all have a variation numbered to 999, but none of these cards are serial numbered.  I also checked my other rookies out an it seems I have pulled ten different rookie cards limited to 999.  Can this be right?  A few of them are even the 1st day issue so those have to be even more scarce, right?  Did I smuggle a loaded blaster or are these numbers misrepresented?  The information on the variations came from Beckett but they don’t have pricing on them yet.  Not that the price would be accurate but it would give me some sort of idea on how limited these really are.

If anyone can shed some light on this please do.  What have your blasters looked like, if they are all loaded like this there is no way in hell these are limited to 999.

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I Need Two Tickets!

The rumors I’ve been hearing have been confirmed by  The Cubs will hold a special exhibition game on April 3 at the New Yankee Stadium.  That’s right, my team gets to be the first team to destroy the Yankees at their new pad!  I am going to do everything in my own power to attend this game.  The logistics are still quite fuzzy on how I plan on pulling this off, but I will try.  No, It’s do or do not there is no try. I WILL be there.  This will involve a road trip like no other.  Once I get past bat country it will be smooth sailing.  Google Maps tells me it is a fourteen hour drive from Freeport to New York.  If I leave right after work on Thursday I should make it by noon on Friday, watch the game and make it back to work on Monday.  It’s a perfect plan.  If anyone lives along the route I would be happy to pick you up in trade for a place to crash on the way home.  How could I miss the first game at the New Yankee Stadium against the Cubs?  One of the best games I ever went to was the Cubs against the Yankees.  It was at Wrigley on Sunday Night BaseballPettite Vs. Prior.  Prior won, I believe the final was 8 to 2.  It was the same weekend the Cubs denied Clemens his 300th win.  It was a good weekend to be a Cubs fan.

lou Vs.  1978-topps-lou-piniella1

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Thanks dayf!

Last week dayf and I worked out a trade to get us a step closer to completing the ’08 Masterpieces set.  I believe I was able to complete his set except he in return sent me a few cards he only had singles of, what a great guy he is!  His generosity did not end there.  He took it upon himself nearly complete my set of ’87 Topps, which had quite a few holes in it.  I am now four cards shy of the Masterpieces set plus most of the SP’s and fourteen shy of the ’87 Topps set.  He then out did himself again by including these two cards….


The first card is a 1972 Topps Tom Haller In Action card.  I love the In Action cards of the ’70’s.  In a sea of posed photo’s it’s always nice to see some action shots.

The second card is a 1962 Topps AL E.R.A. Leaders card.  Not only will this go in my set nicely it also features the great Milt Pappas.  He was the last Cub to throw a no hitter prior to Big Z.  He nearly threw a perfect game if not for a questionable ball four call late in the game.

Thanks again dayf!  Everyone should visit his site Cardboard Junkie and tell him how cool he is!

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You Wouldn’t Touch These With A Ten Foot Pole


I have made it official recently that I’m now collecting all things Ryno.  I could buy every Ryno card I come across and still not own every card he has made.  I will continue go after Ryno’s but I want to try and own every card of a single player.  I want to start a new collection that I know I can afford, does not have thousands of cards to hunt down, and has some personal connection to me.  That player is Scott Radinsky.  I know a few bloggers and readers will know who this is, but most will not.

Scott had an eleven year career as a left handed middle reliever. He played for four teams over his career, the White Sox, Dodgers, Cardinals, and the Indians.  He ended his career with a 42-25 record, 3.44 ERA, and 358 strikeouts in 481 innings pitched.  His stats are not horrible nor are they great.  So why Radinsky you ask?

Growing up I had one love, and that was baseball.  When I was close to becoming a teenager I discovered Punk Rock, and my second love was born.  This is the main reason why I stopped buying baseball cards.  My weeks were filled searching for records and my weekends were filled with shows.  All of my money went to tapes, CD’s, 7″ records, T-shirts, and shows.

The baseball world and punk world rarely collided unless I was able to take in a day game at Wrigley and a show at the Metro which is only two blocks away.  This all changed with out me really knowing it.  My friends and I piled into my sweet ’87 Blazer to take the half hour drive east to The PIT Skatepark to take in an afternoon of skating and evening of pure punk rock.  The PIT was the best place to see a show, no security, no adults, no rules, and the bands would hang out and skate with you.  When we pulled in the parking lot I saw a guy with a bucket of balls and a make shift backstop.  He was throwing some heat and he was pretty serious about what he was doing.  I was never a great skater and I usually got hurt when I tried so I wandered over and started talking to the guy throwing the baseballs.  He introduced himself and said he was the singer for Ten Foot Pole.  We started shooting the shit about music and baseball.  I offered to get my glove and play some catch and we did.  He never once said a word about pitching for the White Sox or being a major leaguer.  He said it was just something he did on the side to take a break from the music.  Here I was playing catch with a major league pitcher and had no clue.  I went inside and told everyone I just played catch with the lead singer of Ten Foot Pole, not the middle reliever of the Chicago White Sox.  I didn’t realize it until later that summer when I read an article in Rolling Stone about professional athletes and their music careers.  He was forced out of the band later that year because of his baseball career interfering with his tour schedule.  He later joined the band Pulley who are pretty kick ass as well.

I was actually able to see him pitch in the summer of ’96.  He was with the Dodgers and came in for relief for Hideo Nomo against the Cubs.  I was able to get down by the bullpen and say hi and got a picture but for the life of me I can’t find my old pictures.

He only has a handful of cards but some may prove to be a challenge.  Here is the checklist from  He also has quite a few cards on Ebay to my surprise.  I plan on going on a mini shopping spree later on.  If anyone has any of his cards I would be willing to make a trade.  I got a feeling I will need some help with this endeavour.  Here is a sweet flyer I dug up, it was actually still hanging at my parents house inside the closet door of what is now my dad’s office, but was my old room.



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The Trading Game

Recently I turned this….


Into this……


Mr. Applebaum has one of the fastest mailmen in the business.  I think this card arrived before the trade was even finalized.  Anyways thanks Brian, your card should be there soon.  If you haven’t checked out his blog I suggest you do so.  It’s full of Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, ticket stubs, and some great what ever happened to’s.

I’ve made some great trades with in the Blogosphere.  It is the one aspect of collecting I miss most.  I have no friends who give a rats ass about baseball cards, no real hobby shop to speak of, and I can’t trust trades with people I don’t really know.  I think having a blog holds you some what accountable for your actions.  When I first hopped back into the hobby I attempted to use Beckett’s trading system.  Holy shit does it suck!  The one and only trade I made, I have yet to receive my cards.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the jackass I traded with started to tell people I was not worth trading with.  What I had was a Ronny Paulino ’08 Topps Auto’d Highlight card.  I searched through his cards and picked a few Cubs cards I did not have.  Now the book value of the Paulino card was $10, the cards I picked out had a total book value of $3.30.  I waited for a week with no response.  Finally he responded back with a yes. I sent out the card the very next day and waited for mine to arrive.  They never showed up.  I sent him a message asking where the cards were.  He send back that I owed him $6.00.  WTF!  I reviewed the trade and at the top there is a spot to add cash to a trade.  When he accepted he added $6.00 to the trade and I did not notice it.  I told him where to go and have yet to receive my cards.  Seriously, I gave him a $10 card for $3.30 worth of cards that he had a selling price of $1.60, and he still wanted six more dollars, again WTF!

This is the reason I will only trade with fellow bloggers and readers of the blogs.  I am a card carrying member of HaveWant, if you haven’t checked that out you should right after you check out Brians blog, 30 Year Old Cardboard.

I am also making it official that I am a collector of Ryne Sandberg.  I have a huge pile of his cards, unfortunately there stuck in a storage shed and may not see the light of day for a very long while.  I’ve decided to go after these cards again and try to get all things Ryno.  I’ve added a new page with the cards I have here.  If you have anything I don’t, and want to trade, let me know.  Just don’t be sneaky and ask for a pile of cash on the side!


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Two New Rynos


The first card has been in my collection since 1992.  This was the last attempt at collecting before I took a long hard break.  I think the rising price tags and a gazillion releases simply turned me off.  The addition of sex, drugs, and rock & roll had something to do with it too.  Getting back on track, the second card is from the Topps Vault.  It is the 1992 Stadium Club Proof Card.  Basically it has a blank back with a hologram sticker and no foil on the front.  The photos seem to be slightly different sizes too.  I spent too much on it but it is my first technical 1 of 1 Ryno card I own.


The second card is a black framed 2008 Masterpiece card.  I’m trying to get all the ’08 Masterpiece parallels of this card.  So far I have this and the base.  I lost a bid on the red border card to a bid sniper.  I was the only bid till the very last second and then POOF it was gone, out bid by $.50.  Damn snipers.  If anyone could help me with this quest, I am willing to trade top dollar for them.

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Questions With No Answers

Why are these worth more…….


Than these……????????


What you have above are the two in the lead for the NL ROY award, and the two that weren’t even the best rookies on their team.  But for some reason the two who are not in contention for the award, Bruce and Fukudome, their cards have been, and still are, on fire.  Meanwhile the other two, Soto and Votto, can be had for pennies.  Beckett can’t even be to blame for this injustice.  This is one instance when Beckett actually reflects the action on Ebay.  Why?  I understand why the card companies have been pushing Bruce and Fukudome in every set that has been released this year, but why as collectors have we been eating them up?  Shouldn’t card value and prices be somewhat relevant to what happens on the field and not to the hype surrounding a player?  Why is Fukudome’s ’08 Masterpieces card worth $5.00 and Bruce’s is worth $3.00 while Votto and Soto don’t even have cards in the set?  And could anyone explain why the hell Fukudome’s NNO ’08 Topps card is worth $80 and these cards are worth dick and balls?

1975 Topps Jim Rice RC………….$15

1977 Topps Andre Dawson RC…$20

1983 Topps Wade Boggs RC…….$15

1969 Topps Rollie Fingers RC….$40

All I am left with is questions with no answers.  I do know I would take the four cards above any day over a Fukudome NNO Topps card.  Beckett may be evil but are they the only ones to blame?

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