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My First Through The Mail



I got this back in about a week!  Thanks Duke!


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Another Blaster Of Masterpieces

This blaster is the fourth one I have bought, two from Wally World and two from Shop-Ko.  Out of the two from Shop-Ko I pulled a Joe Mauer game used and a James Loney black framed parallel.  The two from Wally World yielded nothing as far as “hits”.  The questions I’m left asking is, does Wal-Mart retail have different odds than Shop-Ko or Target?  Do they broker different deals on what their blasters contain?  And if so does anyone out there know what these different odds are?  I’ve noticed Shop-Ko often has new releases earlier than Wal-Mart does, they also have hobby packs and boxes from time to time.  The only other big box retail store here in town is the once mighty K-Mart.  Their selection seems like it is a year behind the others and is about 1/3 of what the other two are.  I know buying retail is not the smartest way to go but I’m not obsessed with pulling “hits” and you get more cards for the buck.

With this all said I needed 33 cards plus the short prints for the set.  Out of the 32 cards in the blaster I pulled 25 that I needed.  I’m not a mathematician but the odds of that happening seem to be pretty low.  I was expecting maybe between 5 or 10 that I needed, but 25 is ridiculous luck.  That leaves me with 8 left for the set and the short prints.  I’m gonna see what I can find at the card show tomorrow and scour Ebay later on and I hope I can put this set to rest soon.  If anyone is interested in helping me I have the list updated in my wants section. The Mauer game used and the Loney black parallel are up for trade, I also have a hand full of dups from the set.  I will try to post them in the wants section sometime tonite if any one wants to do some dealing.

I would also like to put together a parallel set of the Ryne Sandberg cards in the set.  I only have the base card right now, I still need the short print and all of the parallels.  If anyone could help me with these I would greatly appreciate it.  Even giving me a heads up with an auction or if you know someone with one for trade would be awsome like Dawson!

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Mean Green

Here is my first pair of color variations in the ’62 set.  This may have been an early attempt at producing colored parallels.  Apparently there was a flaw with the printing process resulting in green tinting early in the second series of the set.  I have a few cards that I’m not sure if they are green tinted or not.  This one is obvious when held up next to the regular card, others are not.  Beckett claims that the green tinted cards carry a slight premium in the secondary market, I for one would never pay more for the one on the right.  I think there are about 100 cards that are victims of the green tint.  To complete the master set I would have to hunt these down bringing the total number of cards in the set to 689.  For now I will be happy with the set of 598.  If and when I do complete the set I feel the urge to hunt down the green parallels I will do so, but for right now, green or not, I will just add the card as a part of the set.  If I do only have the green tinted card I may go after the corrected version because they look a whole lot better.


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