Another Blaster Of Masterpieces

This blaster is the fourth one I have bought, two from Wally World and two from Shop-Ko.  Out of the two from Shop-Ko I pulled a Joe Mauer game used and a James Loney black framed parallel.  The two from Wally World yielded nothing as far as “hits”.  The questions I’m left asking is, does Wal-Mart retail have different odds than Shop-Ko or Target?  Do they broker different deals on what their blasters contain?  And if so does anyone out there know what these different odds are?  I’ve noticed Shop-Ko often has new releases earlier than Wal-Mart does, they also have hobby packs and boxes from time to time.  The only other big box retail store here in town is the once mighty K-Mart.  Their selection seems like it is a year behind the others and is about 1/3 of what the other two are.  I know buying retail is not the smartest way to go but I’m not obsessed with pulling “hits” and you get more cards for the buck.

With this all said I needed 33 cards plus the short prints for the set.  Out of the 32 cards in the blaster I pulled 25 that I needed.  I’m not a mathematician but the odds of that happening seem to be pretty low.  I was expecting maybe between 5 or 10 that I needed, but 25 is ridiculous luck.  That leaves me with 8 left for the set and the short prints.  I’m gonna see what I can find at the card show tomorrow and scour Ebay later on and I hope I can put this set to rest soon.  If anyone is interested in helping me I have the list updated in my wants section. The Mauer game used and the Loney black parallel are up for trade, I also have a hand full of dups from the set.  I will try to post them in the wants section sometime tonite if any one wants to do some dealing.

I would also like to put together a parallel set of the Ryne Sandberg cards in the set.  I only have the base card right now, I still need the short print and all of the parallels.  If anyone could help me with these I would greatly appreciate it.  Even giving me a heads up with an auction or if you know someone with one for trade would be awsome like Dawson!


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