Mean Green

Here is my first pair of color variations in the ’62 set.  This may have been an early attempt at producing colored parallels.  Apparently there was a flaw with the printing process resulting in green tinting early in the second series of the set.  I have a few cards that I’m not sure if they are green tinted or not.  This one is obvious when held up next to the regular card, others are not.  Beckett claims that the green tinted cards carry a slight premium in the secondary market, I for one would never pay more for the one on the right.  I think there are about 100 cards that are victims of the green tint.  To complete the master set I would have to hunt these down bringing the total number of cards in the set to 689.  For now I will be happy with the set of 598.  If and when I do complete the set I feel the urge to hunt down the green parallels I will do so, but for right now, green or not, I will just add the card as a part of the set.  If I do only have the green tinted card I may go after the corrected version because they look a whole lot better.



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2 responses to “Mean Green

  1. Jef

    I remember the second series of 62 Topps; I was 12 and an avid collector. I recall the odd variation now known as the “green” variation. Not only are there green tinted cards; there are cards with different pictures on them. Those variations I would think might be some of the earlier attempts at creating this kind of thing.

    Remember though, there are color variations in the 58 set that were copied in the Heritage set.

  2. gritz76

    I have been actually turning down the green tint cards. They just look so out of place with the regular ones. I really need to focus a little more on this set. Thanks for the input, it’s cool to hear from someone who remembers actually opening packs of this stuff. Someday I want to find an unopened pack of ’62s and crack it open.

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