What I Spent All My Money On

The card show was Sunday and I had almost $100 to blow.  My intentions were to polish off the ’08 Masterpieces and buy a stack of ’62’s.  I was going to try and pick up a few cards for some peoples player collections too.  There is a guy who is all but trying to give his collection away and gives me incredible deals but of course he wasn’t there Sunday.  Neither were any ’08 Masterpieces, and the guy with the stack of ’62’s forgot the box at home.  So my plans pretty much went to shit and I spent $100 on some pretty random cards.  Here’s how I did……


The first card is a 1962 Topps AL HR Leaders.  This is my first “heavy hitter” of the ’62 set.  Any card that books over $100 is considered a “heavy hitter”.  This is a great card, it features Killabrew, The Mick, and of course Maris who just came off his record year of 61 HR.  Next to them is Mr. Orlando Cepeda, who coincidental led the NL in HR that year.   These two came to a total of $30, not bad considering all the home runs that were hit between these five guys.  I picked up another card from this same dealer for $20 to make it a nice round $50.


Here it is, it’s a 1971 Topps Nolan Ryan.  For $20 I couldn’t go wrong.  I was telling my kids yesterday that this guy started pitching when their grandparents were kids and didn’t stop until I was a kid.  He probably could make a spot start today if he needed to.  I also told them about the one time when some punk kid tried to charge the mound and Grandpa Ryan handed him a good ol’ Texas ass kicken.

What was Ventura thinking?

The next card I know I over paid for but oh well!


It’s got tape on it, a few dented corners, and somebody scribbled all over it, oh wait that’s actually his autograph.  Warren Spahn has one of the worst auto’s in baseball, but it is Spahn and it’s on a ’62 Topps.  I paid $20 for it.  I still can’t decide if it is worth it or not, but I’m glad I own it.

The next two cards I paid $10 for……


Out of all the Ryno cards I’ve owned over the years I never had this one.  I think I might be turning into a Ryno collector, I’m not sure, but I might be.  The next card is a 1970 Topps Fergie Jenkins.  I origanally bought this for me but I might trade it away if Applebaum comes up with a good deal.

The rest of my money went to supplies and a few random packs of junk wax.  So there it is, I went for some Masterpieces and came home with these, not bad.


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2 responses to “What I Spent All My Money On

  1. That’s a nice pick up on the ’71 Ryan ($20! Sweet). I featured that same card today on my blog. (I actually got it for free — but I got it a long time ago, from an older kid giving away his cards).

  2. Hey Chris-
    I’ve got a 1984 Fleer Sandberg card you may be interested in… Let me know. Brian

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