Worst Card In My Collection

Who will win?  Voting will end on November 15th.  Vote early.  Vote often.  You are voting for the worst card in my collection.  The winner of the title will earn themselves their own page dedicated to their respective card.  They will remain the Worst Card In My Collection until I come across an even worse card!  If you want a chance to win the five runners up and an original sketch card of the winner as drawn by my four year old daughter, please visit the original post and answer the trivia question.



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3 responses to “Worst Card In My Collection

  1. Matt Drews, no contest. It doesn’t even look like a baseball card.

  2. Ken Phelps makes me think of Wall-E. I think it’s the glasses.

  3. That Ken Phelps card is awesome. He looks like a muppet. The Drews card is disgusting. I pulled that card back in ’97 and thought it was the stupidest thing I ever saw.

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