Fight Night

1938-churchmans-eric-boonI got this little beauty in the mail today.  It’s a 1938 Churchman’s Eric Boon Boxing card.  I won it for $1.25 shipped.  I have no idea what it’s worth but $1.25 for a 70 year old card of any sport seems like a good deal.  This is from a set of 50.  If I could get the rest of the set this cheap I may try to put it together.  I’ve been in a boxing mood lately, baseball is over till spring, football is just crazy this year, and hockey doesn’t interest me till the playoffs.  Tomorrow night is the Calzaghe vs. Jones Jr. fight.  I’m getting the PPV, It’s going to be my first PPV fight since the Tyson days.  I’ve become a big Calzaghe fan as of late.  He is the first person to beat Bernard Hopkins who I loathe.  He is bringing his undefeated record to Madison Square Garden to fight what was once the best pound for pound fighter Roy Jones Jr. for the Light Heavyweight Championship.  It should be a good fight.  I’ve been searching for a Joe Calzaghe card of any kind And I’ve come to the conclusion that one does not exist.  If anyone ever comes across one you must let me know!


If you know anything about boxing, or even if you don’t let me know who you think the winner will be, Joe Calzaghe or Roy Jones Jr.  I’d be willing to make a small wager of a stack of cards if anyone’s interested.  I’m taking Calzaghe in 9.  Let me know.


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3 responses to “Fight Night

  1. Sully

    It should be a good fight…you know Roy Jones Jr isn’t lacking any confidence…guy says what he feels:

  2. Roy Jones Jr. shocks the world! I am in, I LOVE BOXING more than baseball!

    Jones Jr., U.D

  3. I owe you a stack of cards! 🙂

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