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Questions With No Answers

Why are these worth more…….


Than these……????????


What you have above are the two in the lead for the NL ROY award, and the two that weren’t even the best rookies on their team.  But for some reason the two who are not in contention for the award, Bruce and Fukudome, their cards have been, and still are, on fire.  Meanwhile the other two, Soto and Votto, can be had for pennies.  Beckett can’t even be to blame for this injustice.  This is one instance when Beckett actually reflects the action on Ebay.  Why?  I understand why the card companies have been pushing Bruce and Fukudome in every set that has been released this year, but why as collectors have we been eating them up?  Shouldn’t card value and prices be somewhat relevant to what happens on the field and not to the hype surrounding a player?  Why is Fukudome’s ’08 Masterpieces card worth $5.00 and Bruce’s is worth $3.00 while Votto and Soto don’t even have cards in the set?  And could anyone explain why the hell Fukudome’s NNO ’08 Topps card is worth $80 and these cards are worth dick and balls?

1975 Topps Jim Rice RC………….$15

1977 Topps Andre Dawson RC…$20

1983 Topps Wade Boggs RC…….$15

1969 Topps Rollie Fingers RC….$40

All I am left with is questions with no answers.  I do know I would take the four cards above any day over a Fukudome NNO Topps card.  Beckett may be evil but are they the only ones to blame?

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