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Two New Rynos


The first card has been in my collection since 1992.  This was the last attempt at collecting before I took a long hard break.  I think the rising price tags and a gazillion releases simply turned me off.  The addition of sex, drugs, and rock & roll had something to do with it too.  Getting back on track, the second card is from the Topps Vault.  It is the 1992 Stadium Club Proof Card.  Basically it has a blank back with a hologram sticker and no foil on the front.  The photos seem to be slightly different sizes too.  I spent too much on it but it is my first technical 1 of 1 Ryno card I own.


The second card is a black framed 2008 Masterpiece card.  I’m trying to get all the ’08 Masterpiece parallels of this card.  So far I have this and the base.  I lost a bid on the red border card to a bid sniper.  I was the only bid till the very last second and then POOF it was gone, out bid by $.50.  Damn snipers.  If anyone could help me with this quest, I am willing to trade top dollar for them.

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