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The Trading Game

Recently I turned this….


Into this……


Mr. Applebaum has one of the fastest mailmen in the business.  I think this card arrived before the trade was even finalized.  Anyways thanks Brian, your card should be there soon.  If you haven’t checked out his blog I suggest you do so.  It’s full of Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, ticket stubs, and some great what ever happened to’s.

I’ve made some great trades with in the Blogosphere.  It is the one aspect of collecting I miss most.  I have no friends who give a rats ass about baseball cards, no real hobby shop to speak of, and I can’t trust trades with people I don’t really know.  I think having a blog holds you some what accountable for your actions.  When I first hopped back into the hobby I attempted to use Beckett’s trading system.  Holy shit does it suck!  The one and only trade I made, I have yet to receive my cards.  If that wasn’t bad enough, the jackass I traded with started to tell people I was not worth trading with.  What I had was a Ronny Paulino ’08 Topps Auto’d Highlight card.  I searched through his cards and picked a few Cubs cards I did not have.  Now the book value of the Paulino card was $10, the cards I picked out had a total book value of $3.30.  I waited for a week with no response.  Finally he responded back with a yes. I sent out the card the very next day and waited for mine to arrive.  They never showed up.  I sent him a message asking where the cards were.  He send back that I owed him $6.00.  WTF!  I reviewed the trade and at the top there is a spot to add cash to a trade.  When he accepted he added $6.00 to the trade and I did not notice it.  I told him where to go and have yet to receive my cards.  Seriously, I gave him a $10 card for $3.30 worth of cards that he had a selling price of $1.60, and he still wanted six more dollars, again WTF!

This is the reason I will only trade with fellow bloggers and readers of the blogs.  I am a card carrying member of HaveWant, if you haven’t checked that out you should right after you check out Brians blog, 30 Year Old Cardboard.

I am also making it official that I am a collector of Ryne Sandberg.  I have a huge pile of his cards, unfortunately there stuck in a storage shed and may not see the light of day for a very long while.  I’ve decided to go after these cards again and try to get all things Ryno.  I’ve added a new page with the cards I have here.  If you have anything I don’t, and want to trade, let me know.  Just don’t be sneaky and ask for a pile of cash on the side!


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