Thanks dayf!

Last week dayf and I worked out a trade to get us a step closer to completing the ’08 Masterpieces set.  I believe I was able to complete his set except he in return sent me a few cards he only had singles of, what a great guy he is!  His generosity did not end there.  He took it upon himself nearly complete my set of ’87 Topps, which had quite a few holes in it.  I am now four cards shy of the Masterpieces set plus most of the SP’s and fourteen shy of the ’87 Topps set.  He then out did himself again by including these two cards….


The first card is a 1972 Topps Tom Haller In Action card.  I love the In Action cards of the ’70’s.  In a sea of posed photo’s it’s always nice to see some action shots.

The second card is a 1962 Topps AL E.R.A. Leaders card.  Not only will this go in my set nicely it also features the great Milt Pappas.  He was the last Cub to throw a no hitter prior to Big Z.  He nearly threw a perfect game if not for a questionable ball four call late in the game.

Thanks again dayf!  Everyone should visit his site Cardboard Junkie and tell him how cool he is!

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