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I Need Two Tickets!

The rumors I’ve been hearing have been confirmed by ESPN.com.  The Cubs will hold a special exhibition game on April 3 at the New Yankee Stadium.  That’s right, my team gets to be the first team to destroy the Yankees at their new pad!  I am going to do everything in my own power to attend this game.  The logistics are still quite fuzzy on how I plan on pulling this off, but I will try.  No, It’s do or do not there is no try. I WILL be there.  This will involve a road trip like no other.  Once I get past bat country it will be smooth sailing.  Google Maps tells me it is a fourteen hour drive from Freeport to New York.  If I leave right after work on Thursday I should make it by noon on Friday, watch the game and make it back to work on Monday.  It’s a perfect plan.  If anyone lives along the route I would be happy to pick you up in trade for a place to crash on the way home.  How could I miss the first game at the New Yankee Stadium against the Cubs?  One of the best games I ever went to was the Cubs against the Yankees.  It was at Wrigley on Sunday Night BaseballPettite Vs. Prior.  Prior won, I believe the final was 8 to 2.  It was the same weekend the Cubs denied Clemens his 300th win.  It was a good weekend to be a Cubs fan.

lou Vs.  1978-topps-lou-piniella1

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