What’s Up With This?


I picked up my first blaster of Stadium Club this morning and the best part is that it was free!  I picked up a few groceries, two packs of Masterpieces, a binder for some cards I have lying around, and a blaster.  I somehow made it through the checkouts with only owing twenty one dollars.  I had my 3yr old with me so I didn’t really pay attention to the total till about half way home.  Then it hit me, twenty dollars?  I checked the receipt and sure enough I got a free blaster.  Now I’m sure there is a few people out there who might say “How could you, that’s stealing!”  I can justify this by telling you I had an unruly 3yr old, it was 18 damn degrees outside, and it’s Wal-Mart, they have enough money as it is.

So after busting my little booty I notice these four cards.  Can anyone explain to me why Luke “Russ Troll” Hochevar and Joey Votto have two different versions of cards.  I thought that maybe the 1st day issue was diferent than the other, but I noticed on Ebay both versions have a 1st day issue stamp.  The backs of these are identical but the fronts are very different.  How many cards have more than one front?  Are these parallels, and if so which one is the parallel?

Well I just did some investigating and I guess these are being called variations.  It seems most of the rookies all have a variation numbered to 999, but none of these cards are serial numbered.  I also checked my other rookies out an it seems I have pulled ten different rookie cards limited to 999.  Can this be right?  A few of them are even the 1st day issue so those have to be even more scarce, right?  Did I smuggle a loaded blaster or are these numbers misrepresented?  The information on the variations came from Beckett but they don’t have pricing on them yet.  Not that the price would be accurate but it would give me some sort of idea on how limited these really are.

If anyone can shed some light on this please do.  What have your blasters looked like, if they are all loaded like this there is no way in hell these are limited to 999.

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  1. No jury would ever convict you if you were having to deal with a three year old.

    I haven’t gotten a blaster yet, but 10 numbered cards?? You got a mutant. I’ve picked up 4 packs and gotten 10 rookies, 4 first day issues, and two cards numbered to 999, including a Dice-K. Oh, also a miscut Jackie Robinson. I don’t understand this set at all, but I’m glad the rookies aren’t short printed as was previously rumored.

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