It’s Like Deja Vu All Over Again

When Stadium Club debuted it had the some of the best photography the hobby had ever seen.  So why is it when it makes it ‘s comeback Topps is regurgitating the same lame photos from their base set?  The rookies all have variations with different photos on the front which I thought was a pretty cool idea, at least it’s better than a different colored border.  If they are going to put that effort towards the rookie cards why can’t we get some new photos?  I understand in the ’50s and ’60s Topps would use the same photos for different years sets.  This is acceptable due to the technology for the day, but today we have digital photos that can be sent across the world within seconds of the photo being taken.  Do the Topps photographers need bigger memory cards?  Are they still using 35mm film?  Do they only have one photographer?

When your business is selling cardboard with photos on them you should at least put some effort into the photography.  I really want to like this set but I can’t justify spending the cash for cards that are the same as their plain old Topps set.  Why is it I can get blown away with some of the photography in SI and ESPN but Topps and Upper Deck, whose sole product is photos, can’t take a better picture than a casual fan?  The Jason Nix photo isn’t even in a regular game, two cards, same photo, and it’s during a spring training game.  I wonder why people aren’t lined up outside hobby shops to buy this product.  In Ryan Howards case, what’s the sense of an insert card if it’s the same damn picture as the base card.  You can’t tell me that is the only picture of Howard Topps has.  He’s their spokesperson but they can’t come up with a new picture for his insert card?  I have three example here of the laziness that Topps is.  I stumbled upon these three so I’m sure there are more examples of this.  If these companies are going to release 17 sets a year they should at least have 17 different photos.


On a side note I bought my second blaster from Wal-Mart last night and it was as free as the last one.  I believe the crease in the seal gets in the way of the UPC.  I feel dirty taking free cards from Wal-Mart but when I get the same shit I bought earlier in the year it makes me feel a little better.  In the second blaster all the first day issue cards have excess foil across the middle of the card.


I would consider sending these in for replacements but I would feel even worse for getting them for free.

On the lighter side of things, my 4yr old daughter made a couple sketch cards.  I promised her I would put them on the computer so here they are.  She told me she would except trades.


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