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Giving Thanks

The first big thanks goes out to Matt from H.B.C.O.S.G. I helped him get closer to the end of the ’08 Topps and he sent me a package of top notch Cubs cards in return.  When I say top notch, I mean it.  It was full of Graces, Dawsons, a Palmeiro Rookie, and a slew of Sandbergs I needed.  It’s awsome when you can turn a pile of ’08 Topps dups into pure gold goodness of Cubs Cards.  Thanks Matt!


Second thanks goes to Steve from White Sox Cards.  About a week ago I made a call for some Scott Radinsky cards.  Steve answered in a big way.  All in all I think there was about 16 different cards he sent.  He has single handedly started my Radinsky collection.  Thanks Steve, even if you are a Sox fan!


Last but not least, a big thanks goes to Jeffrey over at Card Junkie.  He added a 1990 Bowman Radinsky RC to my new collection.  I have yet to send him anything in return but I promise I’m working on it.  He loves buying boxes of late ’80s early ’90s wax,  both of which I have, but are buried in the storage shed.  I hope he continues to buy this stuff because I think we can work out some trades in the future!  Thanks Jeffrey!



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