The Best Wrong Handed Pitcher Ever


It’s been a while since I posted any cards from the ’62 set and considering the blog’s name is Project ’62 , I thought I better do some posting.  The only new card out of the four is the bottom one.  It fills a hole in a couple of my collections, the first one is obvious, the 1962 Topps set.  The second spot it fills is in my no-hit collection.  It’s not a set I focus on too much but I’m slowly putting together a set that showcases no-hitters.  It seems that virtually every modern day no-hitter has a card that commemorates the feat.  They are usually fairly cheap and easy to find in bargain bins.  This one however cost me $7.  The third void this fills is for a collection I’m putting together for my son.  I’m putting a side any great left handed pitchers that I come across.  I know he is only three but he is following his mother’s footsteps as a lefty, and just in case he decides to be a pitcher like his old man, I think it would be cool to have a stack of cards featuring great left handed pitchers to give him someday.  Warren Spahn deserves to be at the top of that stack.  They named the annual award given to the best lefty after him for christ’s sake.  For right now this card is going in my ’62 set until I come across another.

Warren Spahn is one of the ball players I really wish I could of watched play.  He is nothing short of amazing.  He was able to rack up a total of 363 wins.  If it wasn’t for his 3 yr military service he probably would of easily reached 400 wins.  He almost averaged 20 wins a season for over 21 years.  At age 42 he went 23-7  including 7 shutouts, all while being the third oldest player in the league.  He is 14 time All Star, but only won 1 Cy Young award.  He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1973.  His philosophy on pitching is one that I will teach my son and any other pitcher I coach,  “Hitting is timing. Pitching is upsetting timing.”   Plain and simple!  Oh yeah, he also holds the record for most career home runs for a NL Pitcher with 35.   And as you can see by the first card he also owns one of the worst autographs ever!

On another note I had a shitterrible nite at work.  When I got home I found two packages waiting for me.  The first was from Jeff of I am Joe Collector.  He was generous enough to send a gift box full of Cubs padded by a bunch of 2000 Topps.  Thanks to him I now have another set to chase.  He has been praised all over the ‘sphere and deserves every bit of it.  Jeff, you totally kick tall ass!  The other was a pack of 2008 Series 2 Upper Deck from Patricia at Dinged Corners.  It was the prize from the match game.  It is also the first blog contest that I have won.  I pulled a Fukudome RC.  I really hope he comes out next year and earns his cards value because there is no reason his cards are valued where they are.  I also pulled a sweet D Lee card I did not have.  A big thanks goes to both of them for making the end of my night not suck.  You do not know how much that is appreciated!!!!  THANK YOU!!



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4 responses to “The Best Wrong Handed Pitcher Ever

  1. If I was around when Spahnie was pitching, he would’ve been one of my favorite non-Dodgers. He was a lefty, he was a thinking-man’s pitcher, and he was a Buffalo, N.Y., native. Three plusses in my book.

  2. Jeremy

    I’m quite certain that is not Warren’s autograph on the top card.

  3. I know the auto is not as polished as some certified ones, but I’m almost 100% positive it is legit. I bought it off of someone I’ve known for a long time. He got it as a teenager after a game. I have no reason not to believe him. I’ve seen alot of his autographs and most of them are just wild scribbles. Ones that were paid for at trade shows and for the certified cards are way more polished but I have seen plenty of ones that closely resemble this one.

  4. Good stuff.

    I have been thinking about a Spahn post for a while. his numbers are just unbelievable – and I didn’t even know about the 35 dingers.

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