Viva La Revolucion!!!


We Can Do Better!!

The past year has been one of the best years I’ve spent collecting anything!  I spent a good while reading the blogs before I ever thought to start one myself.  Once I did I became a part of an interesting network of friends.  We all come from various backgrounds of life with one singular interest in common, and somehow get along really well.  With the different talents we share why can’t we produce a superior quality product.  I know it’s imposible to get a MLB liscense, but whatever we could kick out before the cease and desist letter would be ours.  I’m not looking to overthrow the big two and make a million dollars, I’m just looking to make a slick little card set done by us for us.  If we make a buck or two and ruffle some feathers down the road all the better!  We would be able to try and fix the wrongs with todays cards and find out if we could do better.  We can’t do worse!!  I’m just looking for some conversation about the idea.  When you think what a card consists of, photo, graphics, stats, personal info, and fun.  We have the talents to succeed in this mission.  Let me know whether this is a stupid idea or something we could get behind and actually go through with.  I know I’m filled with ideas on how to improve the current crop of cards.  It couldn’t really be that hard could it?

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  1. JT

    The main problem I have with most cards today is foil and cardstock. I hate the (over)use of foil on the cards, especially when it makes the player’s name hard to read, or just distracts from the overall beauty of the card. I liked UD’s “First Edition” better than their base product this year for that reason: no foil!

    And the cardstock is awful. Leave the cards stacked for a few months, and they become a brick and stick together. I never had that problem with 1989 Topps. Heritage is the only one I can think of that uses a decent cardstock currently.

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