Is Anybody Buying These?


I want to start out by saying I absolutely love the idea behind this set.  The cards have all the vital information from every game played in the 2008 season.  The score is displayed nicely on the front with a newspaper style headline written underneath.  On the back is the box score, date, divisional standings, and a little summary of the game.   With that said, the three packs of these that I bought will be the last three packs of this stuff I buy.  I would love to have the complete season of the Cubs, but to do so I would have to buy a case of this stuff.   The complete base set consists of 4,890 cards.  I guess this set is geared toward that one guy who had nothing better to do than complete the Yankee Stadium Legacy set.  Complete seasons are going anywhere from $80 to $150 depending on how well your team did this year.  The cards are great, but I can’t see spending $150 on a team set.  Then again I really want one.  There are a handful of these cards that I must have, but the chances of pulling them out of packs are horrible.  Even trying to find singles on Ebay is going to next to impossible.  If by an off chance anyone out there does buy these and pulls the Cubs home opener, Cubs Vs Astros  Sept 1, or Zambrano’s No hitter, I’d be willing to make a nice trade in your favor!


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3 responses to “Is Anybody Buying These?

  1. As many other bloggers have said, the idea is great. The execution is lousy.

    The photos of the players on the front quite often don’t match the backs or even the blurb down at the bottom on the front (for example, the one card above features Jason Bay and the blurb mentions a “hurler.” The Maddux card talks about a veteran “lefty.” but Maddux obviously is a righty. Very confusing) The players aren’t IDed on the front, so unless they’re very recognizeable, it’s hard to know who they are. A lot of the photos are used over and over. The card stock is kind of flimsy.

    All of these reasons have scared me away from getting any of this.

  2. No.

    We’ll be getting them for decades in repack boxes though.

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