’86 Sportflics In All Their Glory


Sportflics may very well be the first high end set available and it made its debut in 1986.  As far s I can remember, neither hobby shop in town carried this set.  The only place in town to get them was the discount grocery store Food Bananza.  Lucky for me my parents were cheap skates who loved a bargain.  I can remember these selling for more than a buck  pack.  When most guys were giving you 15 cards for 35 cents, these guys gave you 3 cards for more than a buck.  Then again most guys gave you a flat piece of cardboard with a picture on it.  These guys gave us motion cards with three pictures in rippled beauty!   On the advice of my daughter I recently won a box of these on Ebay for a little less than $15.  She was entranced with my only lonely survivor in my collection.  I always thought that they were pretty damn cool myself so there wasn’t much convincing needed.  The box was 36 packs with 3 cards each.  Out of these packs I pulled 12 count ’em 12 Tony Gwynns, 11 Ernest Riles, and 11 Mike Moores.  34 cards out of 108 were of the same three people.  I also have 6 or 7 of  a few other players.  Gwynn books for $1 so I guess I should be happy?  I was hoping to pull a couple of the Sandbergs or a Canseco, or maybe even the ever elusive Robin Yount error.  No such luck!  Since these cards are extra sturdy I let the kids help me open them.  By the end of it all my daughter was able to recognize Tony Gwynn and Ernie Riles.  The fun we had opening these was worth way more than the cards, and really that’s the way it should be!!!


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9 responses to “’86 Sportflics In All Their Glory

  1. JT

    Great price, but wow bad seeding. If you got any Reds doubles you want to trade, let me know. I only have a couple of different ones.

  2. chasingmoss

    Great! I gave my six year old a box of these for christmas and saw the same bad collation. I’ve got the Ryno’s you need in droves. Care to trade?

  3. I scored a Ryno the other day but I wouldn’t mind swapping some of these out. I don’t really need 12 Tony Gwynns and I’m sure you have 10 or 12 of few guys you don’t need. Let me know. Email me at gritz76 at yahoo dot com

  4. Pat

    SCD wrote a couple of articles saying there are less than 100 Robin Yount New York Yankee Error 1986 Sportflics cards. They value them at $300 each. Do you know anything about these cards?

  5. I know I don’t have one and they seem to be rather rare! It’s basically his card with the Yankee’s logo instead of the Brewer’s. I imagine there may be more out there and people just haven’t noticed. After all it is Sportflics!

  6. Carrie Zieminski

    I have a Sportflics card and was wondering if it was worth anything. It’s like all hologramed, when you move the card it changes and has 3 different players on it. The back says Rookies of the year, Bob Horner ,Andre Dawson, Gary Matthews and it has the years 1978, 1977 and 1973 on it.

  7. I found your blog via a google search for: sportsflics. You are the fifth result!

    I wish there were more sportflics cards being made. Especially if they showed a true animation of a player swinging or fielding. Or even just standing and talking. Oh pitching. That would be cool to see an animation in a sportflics.

    I really like your blog here, i’m gonna subscribe to your RSS feed. Go cubbies!

  8. I found your blog google searching for the 1962 Topps Don Rudolph card. (I have a blog post talking about the hilarity of this particular card.) Then I saw my brother’s comment in the “recent comments” section. Hello, spudart!

  9. Unlikelymoose! ha! So you found this blog by googling “1962 Topps Don Rudolph card” ha! A couple weeks ago I found this blog by googling “sportsflics”

    I’d like to see a 1962 Topps Don Rudolph card in a Sportsflics style all animated. He could be looking at his rookie star and then leaning even further away from it.

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