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Card Show Review


This past Sunday was the world famous Freeport monthly card show.  There are usually between 7 to 10 dealers there.  I arrived half way through the show and took my usual once around.  I noticed the one dealer who is liquidating his collection was there.  I stopped and talked to him for a minute.  He was trying to sell his stuff by the table.  He had three tables set up.  One had some decent mid 80’s cards.  There was a binder on that table that I was looking over, he told me to make an offer on the binder.  I didn’t really want the binder but he said he would let it go for $40.  I noticed a page of Boggs RC and a page with half Mattingly RC and half Gwynn RC, so for $40 it wasn’t a bad deal.  I was going to think it over for a minute but I was definitely thinking about getting it. Another one of his tables was full of Cubs and Sox stuff.  Some real nice stuff and some not so nice stuff.  The third table had some unopened packs and boxes and a few high end vintage cards.  He wanted $300 for that table.  By the time I had finished my lap I headed back.  When I got closer I noticed some one had bought both tables.  Then I saw the check he wrote.  He managed to take both tables for $350.  He also wheeled out a cart full, and I mean full, of mid to early 80’s Fleer and Donruss.  I was slightly pissed because I was going to pick up the one binder,  which also had 2 or 3 pages of the 1983 Topps Super Vets that Mr. Applebaum is looking for,  Sorry Brian!!!  This left me with the middle table full of Cubs and Sox cards.  I started to flip through a binder of Cubs partial team sets from ’73 to ’85.  It also had several pages of Ryno, Maddux, and Dawson.  So to make a long story short I grabbed a handful of Cubs from the ’50s, a sweet looking Bert Blyleven RC, and the Cubs binder and offered him a $50 spot, He countered with $65 and I gave him $60.  For the price of a mid-level box of todays cards I was able to walk away with just under 1000 Cubs cards from the mid ’70s to the mid ’80s.  After sorting through the binder I have over 100 doubles from the team sets, 27 ’87 Topps Rynos, a slew of ’89 Donruss Maddux’s, and a mess of oddball doubles.  If anybody is looking for any of this stuff let me know because I’m looking to trade.  Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention the Nolan Ryan card that shows just how much of a bad ass he really is!!


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