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The Pete Rose Set Brought To You By Kenny Goldin


It has arrived!  I now have in my possession 10 sets of  the 1985 Topps Pete Rose subset with autos.  To all those who were able to get one with me they will be mailed on Tuesday.  Ever since I saw this set I wondered why I had never seen this before.  I am by no means a baseball card expert, but I am the kid from school who did every report, science project, and speech about baseball and baseball cards.  I still have piles of books from when I was a kid that I used as research.  I’ve gone through these and there is no mention of this set.  I talked to a dealer at the card show last week who had two sets and looked at me as if I was full of shit when I asked him about the auto.  I have learned a little more to the mystery since I have received these.  Originally these were distributed by Renata Galasso, Inc.  This was the main distributor for Topps in the late ’70s to the early’80s.  These could of been purchased through their mail order catalog.  Originally these did not include an auto.  So who do we have to thank for this great Pete Rose autograph.  The one and only Kenny Goldin.


It appears he applied his Goldin touch to these sets and had Pete Rose autograph a handful of these sets and then resold them through The Score Board.  Personally I think the guy is kind of a douche bag, but I guess I do have to thank him for putting this little set together.  It is a great set.  There are some great moments in time capture on baseball cards in here.  There are some great Ron Lewis paintings included in here too.  Cards 1-3 feature a decades worth of stats each.  Numbers 4 through 90 feature a Q & A session on the back along with a little blurb about what the card is.  91 through 120 have puzzle pieces on the back displaying all of Rose’s regularly issued cards.  The only complaint I have is that some of the cards in my set are off centered a little bit and Kenny Goldin had a part in this, otherwise it is worth every penny.  Speaking of “worth” Beckett tells me this set without the auto is worth $15.  All cards except #1 book for .25, #1 books for .50.  Here’s a question I always had with Beckett pricing, if there are 120 cards worth .25 how in the hell can a complete set only be worth $15?  Anyways here’s a few gems from the set…..



I can’t help but wonder if his bookie is on the other end of the line.


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