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So I got suckered into buying a blaster of this stuff.  I mainly bought it out of curiosity.  I also kinda dug the high school basketball card.  The set consists of 90 base cards, 1 sp, 18 stickers with foil parallels, and a pup redemption card that probably won’t show up until we have the next president.  The basketball card is probably the only reason I even checked these out, I didn’t realize it was a 1/192 short print until after I got home.  Apparently I got 1 out of the 192, lucky me!  Most of the cards are pretty boring, but a few caught my eye.  The first one was the first pitch card.  This caught my eye because of obvious reasons, but also because they air brushed  the Sox logo out of the card.  The eTopps A&G card has the full logo on it, why doesn’t this one?  The U.S. President Barack Obama card is #1 in the set and is an Inauguration Day 2009 parallel.  I really hope Topps doesn’t think they’re doing us a favor by stamping some foil on the cards and calling them parallels.

I did some checking on Ebay and the basketball card is selling for around $20 to $30.  I’m tempted to sell it but it was the only card I really cared to get.  I think I will keep it for now but if it starts to go up anymore I might just have to sell it off so I can afford a box of  ’09 Topps.

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