Celebrity Boxing I Would Like To See

I was convinced by Mario that the Bonaduce Vs. Canseco fight was going to be the fight of the century.  I paid my $9.99 to check it out.  9 under card fights later the aging warriors made it to the ring.  Canseco was dressed to the nines and smoking a electronic cigarette in the ring.  Bonaduce looked like he wanted to beat his ex-wife, but at least he looked like a fighter.  They both pitter pattered around for three minutes before it was sent to the ringside judges, who were obviously at a different ring than the fight was.  It was ruled a majority draw.  Pretty anticlimactic!  The next bout was announced before the last fight.  Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s dad will be fighting once they find him an opponent, maybe Macully Culkin’s dad will be available.  Also I think I heard them mention a bout between Greg “The Hammer” Valentine and Tito Santana.  The audio was horrible so don’t quote me on that.  This all got me thinking who I would like to see go at it in the ring…….

Tiffany Amber Thiessen        Vs.            Dustin Diamond

tiffaniamberthiessen screech

Dyson                                    Vs.                    Oreck

james_dyson_01 oreck

Bernie Brewer                 Vs.            The San Diego Chicken

milwaukeebrewersmascot-berniebrewer001 chicken

Or the grand daddy of them all

Mario                       Vs.                    dayf

mario dayfaandg

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  1. I’d like to take on Chris Olds at the Nationals, if they let me. 🙂

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