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3 Packs Of 1981 Fleer And A Contest


I picked these up off thEbay for $5.95.  The oldest packs I can remember opening was 1983 Topps.  I bought a damaged box back in 1986 for less than what the new boxes were going for, it was damaged but it was cheap.  These are officially now the oldest packs I have ever opened.  This record will only remain for a few days as I am expecting a pack of 1978 Topps any day now.  I have had this blog for a few months now and had never done any pack breaks.  Truth is I haven’t opened any real interesting packs that deserved a post.  I don’t know if these do, but they are the oldest packs I have ever opened, so in my book they are worthy.

Pack 1 Highlights


#434   Willie McCovey   (Hall of fame class of 1986 and he has his own cove!)

#13      Keith Moreland   (He played his first full season for the Cubs and had a post season Avg. of .364!)

#7        Tug McGraw         (Fresh off the Phils World Series win in which he went 1-1 with 2 saves!  He also had bastard son named Tim!)

Pack 1 Lo-lights

# 58   Enos Cabell

#333  Tom Hausman

#527  Dick Davis

#328   Ray Burris

#130   Gary Weiss

#233   Mike Torrez

#476   Jim Lentine

#141   Manny Mota

#270   Carney Lansford

#227   Butch Hobson

#471   Al Cowens

#589   Steve McCatty

#385   Enrique Romo  (No relation to Tony)

#439   John Montefusco

Pack 2 Highlights


#494   Jerry Mumphrey   (He played for the Cubs between 1986 and 1988, he batted .3o4 in ’86, .333 in ’87 and in ’88 he only had 9 hits in 66 games.  He should of retired in ’87!)

#433   Jack Clark                  (4 time All Star and quite possibly responsible for the Cards losing the ’85 World Series!)

#57     Nolan Ryan               (Once totally kicked Robin Ventura’s ass!  Oh yeah he also threw 7 no-hitters.)

Pack 2 Lo-lights

#263   Rick Matula

#438   Rennie Stennett

#12      Dickie Noles

#332    Bill Almon

#550   Tom Herr

#8         Larry Christianson

#327   Pete Falcone

#528   Ted Simmons

#599   Floyd Bannister

#206   Hector Cruz

#499   Barry Evans  (No relation to Bob)

#22     John Vukovich

#594   Dave Heaverlo

#201   Dave Collins

Pack 3 Highlights


#545   Keith Hernandez    (1979 Co-MVP with Wille Stargel, starred in a great Seinfeld episode and some great commercials.  No play for Mr. Grey!)

#540   Leon Durham           (Known as “The Bull”, he made me cry myself to sleep in 1984)

#145   Andre Dawson          (1977 ROY, 1987 MVP, 7 time All Star, Hall of Fame class of 2010?)

Pack 3 Lo-lights

#149   Dick Williams   (Hall Of Fame class of 2008 )

#154   Ron LeFlore

#614   Tom Paciorek

#244   Bob Horner

#611   Larry Milbourne

#289   Larry Harlow

#368   Jim Rooker

#304   Tim Blackwell

#19      Garry Maddox

#195   Doug DeCinces

#364   Phil Garner

#298   Steve Dillard

#15     Lonnie Smith

#335   Jeff Reardon

These were easily worth $6 to open.  I pulled 3 Hall Of Famers and 1 that should be real soon.  All of the lo-lights are up for trade or grabs if you need them for a set, just let me know.

The Contest

Fleer did something I think is pretty cool, on the back of these cards they included thier career average or ERA in a large circle so it is easy to see what they have done up until this point.  Only three players in the pile had a career avg. better than .300  after the 1980 season.  If anyone can name them I will send you a couple of GU cards I have lying around that I don’t want, chances are you won’t really want them either, but you’ll get them regardless.  I’ll also include the three cards of the players, same deal, you probably won’t want them but you’ll get them.


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