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A Pack Of 1978 Topps


I’m not real sure why I bought this.  I have a complete set of these.   It was given to me as a X-mas present in the late ’80s.  It was probably the best X- mas present I got that year.  I guess it is kind of cool to be able to bust a pack from the year you were born.  Not so cool if you were born after ’88 but pretty cool if you were born before the ’80s.  Any ways this pack was kind of a dud but here it is …….

The Good


A couple of Cubs that I already have a couple of doubles of and a sweet Rollie Fingers.  You can’t go wrong with getting a Rollie Fingers!

The Bad


The Ugly


If anybody needs these for a set or an upgrade in condition for a set let me know.  They will all be for trade except for the Cardinals, they will be added to a pile and sent to Isaac later this week.

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