Card Show Booty


Today was Super Show Sunday.  There were only 5 dealers there today but I still managed to squander my weekly allowance in a matter of minutes!  The first card I picked up was the “Manager’s Dream” card.  I made a deal for this card last month but had too many other things in my hands to afford it.  The card features Mantle and Mays and if you look in the background you can see the back of Hank Aaron.  This photo was taken at the second game of the All Star double header in Boston, the first game was played 20 days earlier at Candlestick.  What’s that you say, the second game?  Apparently they played the All Star game in a double header format starting in 1959 and continued to do so through 1962.  This was also the first All Star game to end in a tie.  The guy I bought these from said that he had a surprise for me, and what a surprise it was.  He pulled out a tray of what had to be about 2,000 cards from the ’62 set.  He said that I could take my pick for $1 each.  I immediately went for the high series and pulled a few out…..


I grabbed two Herzogs in hope of getting one autographed TTM.  Somehow I ended up with two Jacke Davis’, he only palyed 48 games in his career, all in 1962.  Somehow he managed to get traded 4 times between 1962 and 1963 and not play a single game for the other 4 teams.  That’s got to be a record of some kind?   I also picked up a Danny Murphy card.  I got the same card except it’s a 1961 Topps, the only difference is this one has 1962 rookie and some sweet wood grain borders.  The highlight of this group maybe the unmarked checklist.  I’ve looked for ever for one of these and they are just about impossible to find.  I’m hoping I can get the same deal next month!  The rest of my money went to fill a couple holes in my Cub’s binders…..


This year I want to work on my Cub’s binder.  I also want to put a little binder together featuring 1 card from every year of  Topps.  I think I may be close to that collection but I’ll have to sort through a few piles before I find out.  My plan is to keep upgrading the cards when I can, and eventually have 1 big hit from every year.  I finished the day off with a box of ’91 Fleer Ultra and a box of ’92Leaf.  I picked those up 2 for $15.  I still think the ’91 Ultra set is one of the best looking sets I’ve seen that is worth next to nothing.  I plan on doing a post later this week to prove my point.

Faith Hill is singing right now so I will wrap this up with a Super Prediction:  Arizona  32  Pittsburgh  27


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3 responses to “Card Show Booty

  1. Great stuff!!! I’m extremely eager to get to another card show myself. Your post has made me a little enviuos….

  2. Wow. Nice haul. There are actually two shows in St. Louis this month. We’re going to at least one… maybe two. 😉

  3. Good finds . . .congrats on getting a dealer to “surprise” you. Gotta love that Charley Grimm !

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