1991 Fleer Ultra




I picked up a box of these at the card show for $7.  This is the first premium set produced by Fleer.  The design is basic, but nice and clean.  This set features some great photography and are printed with metallic ink.  It looks great on the cards, but doesn’t fair so well on the scanner.  The set features 400 cards,  372 base cards, 17 prospect cards, 6 great performances cards, and 4 checklist cards featuring players on them.  There is also a 10 card Ultra Team subset.  I came up just 11 cards short of the set and need 3 more for the complete Ultra Team.  There are a few boxes on eBay for around $15 shipped.  If your looking for a good cheap box from the early ’90s with quality photos and collation, go pick yourself up a box of Ultra.  And if you do, I could really use these……….

1991 Fleer Ultra

#53 Lee Stevens

#84 Bobby Thigpen

#132 Craig Biggio

#157 Kurt Stillwell

#187 Dan Gladden

#190 Gene Larkin

#241 Eric Plunk

#243 Todd Burns

#353 Kenny Rogers

#374 Steve Carter

#398 Checklist Card (Von Hayes)

Gold Inserts

#2 Will Clark

#5 Rickey Henderson

#6 Bo Jackson


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3 responses to “1991 Fleer Ultra

  1. I’ve got 9 of the cards you need from the 91 ultra set. All but Biggio and Rogers. I’ll gladly send them to you. Send me an address.

  2. That Shawon Dunston card is my absolute favorite of all time. It looks like Tim Raines he’s flying over.

    I also like that Ozzie Smith card where he’s leaping over the fence to take away a homer, but doesn’t he play shortstop???

  3. The Ozzie card is an illusion. The fence is actually the left field line at Wrigley but if you look at it right it does kinda look like he is robbing someone. But the Shawon card is real, he could fly!

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