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Card Show Goods


Last Sunday was once again Super Show Sunday.  There were maybe 8 dealers there Sunday and surprisingly quite a few people wandering around.   I don’t know how many were there for the show, and how many were there for the horseshoe tournament.  That’s right, our local “mall” has an indoor horseshoe pit, club, store, place?  Not quite sure what to call it, but it is what it is.  There were the regulars there with some new stuff out and there were a few new faces.  That is were I picked up what might be my new favoritest card I own.  That’s right, favoritest.  I figure if a mall can have a horseshoe pit, I can invent new words.  It’s a little rounded and a bit creased but hell, it’s a ’56 Banks.  I was going to walk away from the table with a ’73 Billy Williams\Rod Carew leaders card for $1 when I overheard the dealers wife complaining about not making many sales.  That’s when I made my move.  He had it stickered for $50.  I offered $25.  He then went to his trusty Beckett and I thought for sure the sale was doomed.  He explained it booked for $100 and he knew the condition wasn’t the greatest and countered with $40.  Now if he has this priced at $50, why in the hell is he going through his Beckett?  He already knew what it was “worth” so I figured he was just making sure I knew what it was “worth”.   I ended up getting it for $30 and he threw in the Williams\Carew card for free, what hell of a guy.  He also had a ’58 Banks and his rookie on the table.  I hope he comes back next month so I can try to snag those from him too.  Other than that I picked up a couple more for my ’62 set……..


A nice unmarked 6th series checklist with a pair of Colavito bookends. I also snagged a new oldest card for my collection…………


It’s a 1951 Bowman Bob Ramazotti, nothing to brag about but it is 58 years old!  Here’s the rest of the loot…..card-show-3-1-09

I bought 4 packs of ’09 Heritage and thought I would seek out a couple of real ’60s Topps.  I ended up with Lou “Hollyfield Ear’ Johnson and the guy who apparently bit the damn thing off was none other than Bill Mazeroski, he’s got the blood splattered all over his face and it looks like he ‘s still chewing it.  I also picked up a couple of Cubs In Action and a nice Puckett RC to replace my beat to hell one from a pack I opened when I was 7.  I scored a Rocco Baldelli GU jersey out of the ’09 Heritage, if any one would want to trade a stack of commons from the set for it let me know.



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