Free Kenny Powers Cards!

If you know who this is, then you’ve seen the funniest show on TV.  Eastbound & Down has easily become my new favorite show.  It’s on HBO so a lot of people are missing out on this.  If you are one of them do yourself a favor and try to catch an episode.  It’s about a washed up big leaguer and his efforts, or the lack there of, to get back to the top of the game.  It’s executive produced by Will Ferrell and is full of his type of off the wall humor.  If you visit the Kenny Powers official website you can download 5 of his baseball cards for free.  Here’s a couple of clips to get you by……


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2 responses to “Free Kenny Powers Cards!

  1. agreed… great show… too bad the season finale is this sunday and it’s only episode 6. I wonder if there was enough viewers/interest/buzz about the show for us to be able to see a second season? -Joe G. Jr

  2. I have tried to sit through the show but just cannot. I watched episode 1 on demand just last nigh.

    I miss the Sopranos….

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