#31 Retired


After May 3rd, #31 will never be worn on a Cub’s jersey again.  It will be officially retired before the Cub’s, Marlin’s game on Sunday May 3rd.  I’m thinking I will be there.  I’ve only missed Ernie Bank’s number retirement ceremonies and I might as well keep the streak alive.  This will also mean I need to add two more autographed balls to my collection.  I think I’ll try to get both autos on one ball.  We’ll have to see how that goes.  It would really suck to be a Fergie superfan living in Florida, who is a Cub’s fan, who also enjoys the Marlin’s.  Poor Applebaum.  If you can make your way up to these parts I would be more than happy to buy an extra ticket and a couple of ice cold Old Styles.


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2 responses to “#31 Retired

  1. Chicago is calling my name… If times were different I would certainly do my best to be first in line!!

    Do whatever you have to do to get to this game. And please, yell a little louder for me as #31 gets added to it’s proper place.

  2. The Cubs are finally doing the right thing. Great story ! May 3rd will be a “day to remember” where ever one might be. Hopefully you will be at Wrigley !

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