’62 Topps And Its Green Monster

Last week I was officially banned by Beckett.  A couple of their message board fanatics pooled together and claimed I was spamming them and turned me in.  A day later my login was no longer valid.  The spam in question was a PM I sent to RiceLynnEvans75 suggesting he tried out Zistle.  He was having problems with his collection on Beckett and not getting answers from them so I sent him a note about how Zistle kicks Becketts ass in every aspect.  I have sent emails to Beckett asking why I was banned but no reply.  I’ve called asking the same question only to be put on hold until I couldn’t hold any longer, seriously it was obvious they put me on hold and left for lunch.  This is what being critical of Beckett and their business practices will get you.  Luckily they make it real easy to sneak back in through the back door so I will now be an even bigger thorn in their side, just going by a different name.  If anyone has a Beckett account and wants to let RiceLynn and Cardboard Fan know what kind of dicks they are, feel free and remember to mention me!

Just prior to getting the boot I came across a post from Wildhorse745 asking about a green tint version of card #138, Babe Ruth Special.  He has completed the entire master set of ’62 Topps except for this card.  He believes he has it but the difference is so subtle he is not 100% sure, and if he has it he is not sure which is which.  We’ve traded emails and scans and it is hard as hell to tell.  The cards are for sure different, but which is which.  Here’s an obvious example of the green tint variations…….


The one on the right is obviously the green tint.  Now here’s the Ruth card in question………..



I told him I would post this and see what you guys thought.  So which is the green tint variation?

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  1. It looks as though the top card has a bit more green tinting in it than the bottom card.

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