Daily Archives: March 30, 2009

What If…….?

With all the talk lately of the MLB license going to a single company it got me thinking, what if MLB could some how grant one commercial license to Topps and issue independent licenses to individuals who would like to produce their own cards.  My thinking would work like this,  issue the single license and regulate how many sets are released and how they are sold and produced, much like it works today.  Then sell independent licenses to individuals who would like to produce a custom or niche set.  They could sell the licenses accordingly to the size of the set.  Say if you want to produce a 100 card set and produce 1000 sets,  charge x amount of dollars per 100,000 cards.  Then allow the producers to charge what they want and sell them how they want.  You could sell in packs, per set, or sell singles on thEbay.  If anything this would create competition with design, allow people to show off their skills, and maybe create a few new viable sales techniques.  We need change in the hobby, but giving one lone license is not the answer.  This would allow the hobby to grow and advance without corporate giants being in total control, something they have not been doing such a great job at lately!


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