1955 Topps Doubleheaders


Since returning to the hobby I’ve been able to buy several items that I have only seen in books and old Becketts.  This card would fall into that category.  It is a 1955 Topps Doubleheader of Steve Bilko and Bob Millken.  This set is made up of 66 cards featuring 2 players each.  The checklist is full of Hall Of Famers but unfortunately this card is not one of them.  I paid $8 for it off thE bay and going by what I could find else where, I got a pretty good deal.  I bid on this card for the simple reason of it having a Cub on the front.  Bilko only played 47 games for the Cubs and from what I can tell he didn’t do so well.  The giant crease in the middle is a perforation where you can fold over the card, the top of the back fits on the bottom of the front.  Brilliant!!  It reminds me of the back of a MAD Magazine.  This card is in pretty damn good condition considering it was meant to be bent in half.  I almost attempted to fold it just to get the whole effect, but it felt like it was going to break, so I stopped.  It was shipped in a tall card saver sleeve.  I’d like to find an Ultra Pro case for it but I’m not sure if they make one in this size.  I know my local shop won’t have any if they even make such a thing.  I’m almost considering getting it graded just to have a nice case for it.  I’m completely against sending cards to get graded, but if I can’t find a case for it soon I may just break down and put it in the mail.

This card was bought with some of my birthday cash.  I was also able to score 126 more cards for my ’62 set.  I won a lot a week ago of 166 cards and needed 126 of them.  This nearly doubled my collection.  I landed all of this for just over $50.    I still have $42 left to blow on some nice vintage cards and I am expecting a few more to trickle in this week.  Stay tuned.

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  1. These cards are absolutely brilliant. Aren’t there other sets like this, where you’d fold over a tall card to reveal a second player? Or something like that? I think Topps or UD even did a retro-themed set like that in the early 2000’s back when I had stopped collected for a while.

    If you know of what these are, or if somebody does, please email me and let me know! I think these are some of the coolest cards around. I’d love to take a hack at making a tribute card like this too.

    goose joak at g mail dot com ///

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