It’s Gitz, Not Getz


What you see above is the new starting second baseman for the southsiders.  If you did not know, my name happens to be Chris Gitz.  As you can imagine, these two names can sound an awful lot alike.  My biggest pet peeve has always been when someone mispronounces my name as Getz.  There is definitely a difference between the two and for some reason people love to muck it up.  It got worse about five years ago when I started a new job with a coworker who actually has the last name Getz.  For some reason people thought we were brothers and my last name might as well have been Getz.  They even issued me a badge with my last name as Getz.


I know it looks like it’s been through hell and back and that’s because it has been, five times a week for eight hours a day for five years.  Notice that I even made a sticker to correct the error.  Over the last five years I’ve managed to set most people straight, there will always be those few who will never get it, but for the most part people got it right.  That is until the Sox decided to make Mr. Getz an everyday starting second basemen.  This takes my hatred for the Sox to a whole new level.  You can’t imagine the annoyance I have when I listen to a game or turn on the TV to watch the highlights and I hear my name being mispronounced time after time.  And why, of all teams, did it have to be the Sox?  I now have to put up with all the Sox fans, who I can’t stand to begin with, making jokes about how I finally picked the right team blah blah blah.  Every goddamn day now I have to listen to this.  To make things worse, this kid seems to be pretty damn good.   I can’t stop hearing his name on the radio.  My kids even asked me the other day why they were talking about me on the radio.  I suppose I should embrace it and roll with the punches and maybe even start to collect his cards, but for as long as he plays for the Sox I just can’t find a way to do it.  With the way my beloved Cubbies have been playing and my new found annoyance on the south side, it’s gonna be a long 2009 season.

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