Show And Tell, #23 Style

While sorting through my picture folders I came across these pics from Sandberg’s jersey retirement ceremony.  The date was August 28, 2005. The pitching match up was, coincidentally enough, Zambrano against Josh Beckett and D. Lee led the way with two home runs. The Cubs won 14 to 3




Sandberg throwing out the first pitch to Dawson, who is sporting the fashionable Cub’s top and Marlin’s bottoms.


Dawson, Sarge, and the sharp dressed Bobby Dernier.




When Antonio “The Sixth Digit” Alfonseca pitch for the Cub’s he was usually taken out by Dusty while being booed by the fans.  This day ended similar, except El Pulpo was taken out by McKeon after giving up two hits and a walk, and ferociously booed by the fans.  He gave up 3 runs while recording 1 out, I believe that adds up to an ERA of an even 81.00 .  I still remember him getting pulled one day after giving up the lead after a couple of long balls.  The crowd was booing so fiercely, Alfonseca tried to flip the crowd the bird, he failed miserably due to the fact  that technically he has two of them on the hand he used.  Man, I hated this guy when he pitched for us, he is quite possibly my least favorite Cub of all time.  It’s kinda funny, the day started out with my favorite Cub being honored and ended with my least favorite Cub being booed, awesome.  I also scored this as a freebie!


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