I Want To Be A Market Analyst Named Pumpsie!

According to a few sources, it appears that Beckett only employs one analyst per sport.  This boggles my mind.  What this means to me, and maybe I’ve put way too much thought in to it, is that one guy decides the value of cards, which in turn, effects the selling prices of all cards.  Singles all the way up to hobby boxes and cases.  One guy.

I decided to ask if this was true on the Beckett boards.  I asked for someone who knew for sure how many people were responsible for following the markets.  What I got was a big argument.  I got the response that if I thought I could do better, why didn’t I.  This was their whole argument.  That if we couldn’t do better, we shouldn’t complain about how bad their guide is.  I’ve decided to take on that argument and do some market research.  I want to start small.  I figure I’ll see how hard it is to follow three cards for a couple months and report their value based on my research.  I will not look at a price guide of any kind during this period.  I still need to come up with a formula for my final price.  When I do, I will do my best to try and explain how I came up with the numbers.

I need help from you the reader, even if it is just two of you.  I need three random cards to follow in the different markets.  I’ll take suggestions in the comment section and compile a final list for a poll.   After I figure all this out I will report my findings.  I’m hoping to come up with a method that requires little time and can be updated regularly.  I also welcome any ideas or thoughts on what would be a better way to accurately set a value for our cards.  I know they’re worth something, right?

Anyways here’s a random card of a guy named Pumpsie to look at.

#153 Pumpsie Green



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5 responses to “I Want To Be A Market Analyst Named Pumpsie!

  1. volleygod67

    my two cents are to pick a brand new card, a card a few years old, and something vintage. But not to vintage, you want to be able to track a few sales a month. Maybe a 2009 Topps Finest Pujols, an RC from ’99 to ’03, and maybe a Mantle or Aaron from the ’60s… something like that. I really feel that the newer the card, the farther out to lunch “guides” are. Why anybody would think a base Albert from ’09 is worth $10, I’ll never know.


  2. If you had a way-back machine it would have been interesting to see what the market said about Manny. Or A-Rod. Or even Zimmerman with his 30 game hitting streak.

    I’d go with what Brian suggested.

    I’d be happy to do some local (southeast) card price shopping to see what is happening in the few remaining card shops.

  3. PunkRockPaint

    I like Mike’s idea of the controversial/spotlight players… Trying to think of a good one, I came up with the 2002 Bowman Chrome Zack Greinke… If he continues to dominate it could skyrocket… or if he falters plummet. Whaddaya think?

  4. I like that one, I’m also going to follow the ’62 Topps Willie Mays. It’s going to be my next pick up so it should be easy to follow. I need to find one more and I’ll start this project this week.

  5. The Cardboard Fan

    Not being rude… but nothing sales for BV in the world… that is the whole point I was originally trying to discuss with you before you got all bent… if someone lists something at book… people start to pay less as they want it below book… I was in the automotive business… it works the same way… no one ever buys a car at true book value… if they do they made a horrible deal

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