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Mike Cameron TMM

2008 Allen & Ginter Mike Cameron Auto

That’s right TMM.  Through my Mom.  Last weekend my Mom left for Florida on a trip with some friends.  She told me that she would be staying at the same hotel as the Brewers while they were on the road playing the Marlins.  I naturally gave her a stack of cards to try and get autographs.  She only scored one, Mike Cameron, but it is a beauty.  Out of all the players on the Brewers he is about the only one I almost like.  This isn’t the first auto she has hooked me up with.  She has been lucky enough to win a Billy Williams autographed ball at Wrigley one year, which is now mine.  She also won a spot at a special meet and greet with the great Ron Santo.  She was nice enough to take me along on that one and we walked away with a boat load of autos from Ronny.  She once tried to get an auto from Magic Johnson in an airport but he walked right past her, no big loss really.  So a big thanks goes out to my Mom for boosting my autograph collection.  I should also thank her for buying me my first pack of cards way back in early 1986.  Where would we all be with out our Moms?


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