Mike Cameron TMM

2008 Allen & Ginter Mike Cameron Auto

That’s right TMM.  Through my Mom.  Last weekend my Mom left for Florida on a trip with some friends.  She told me that she would be staying at the same hotel as the Brewers while they were on the road playing the Marlins.  I naturally gave her a stack of cards to try and get autographs.  She only scored one, Mike Cameron, but it is a beauty.  Out of all the players on the Brewers he is about the only one I almost like.  This isn’t the first auto she has hooked me up with.  She has been lucky enough to win a Billy Williams autographed ball at Wrigley one year, which is now mine.  She also won a spot at a special meet and greet with the great Ron Santo.  She was nice enough to take me along on that one and we walked away with a boat load of autos from Ronny.  She once tried to get an auto from Magic Johnson in an airport but he walked right past her, no big loss really.  So a big thanks goes out to my Mom for boosting my autograph collection.  I should also thank her for buying me my first pack of cards way back in early 1986.  Where would we all be with out our Moms?


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3 responses to “Mike Cameron TMM

  1. My mom bought me my first pack of cards, but that’s where it ended.

    Ain’t no way she’s getting any autograph for me.

  2. Yeah, she had some help from a couple of other auto hunters in the lobby. I think Fielder would of been the only one she would of recognized. She also said that Mike Cameron was very nice(looking) and was very generous to the fans. So a thanks goes out to him too.

  3. Great story. And yes, it was my mom that bought me my first pack of cards too – way back in 1984!!

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